Tuesday, 24 April 2012

(Wedding) Day Off

So I decided to take a day of from blogging and in today's post I will be taking a break from the usual subject matter. The reason I skipped a day is because I was at a wedding on Sunday and I was just too exhausted to use my brain.

So on Sunday I headed up to Whitby with Gabe, my best friend Jerry and his youngest daughter Alexus for my niece Brittany's wedding! It seems like just yesterday I was in grade 12 and my sister told me she was pregnant. I remember the night she gave birth to Brittany I was working my job at Cinnabon, so Jerry went in my place. Now here I stood 21 years later watching my beautiful, intelligent niece tie the knot with her man Arron aka Kevin.

My niece Brittany and I back in the 90's

 It was a small, family only event and was very nice.  The service and ceremony were held at the Whitby legion, which made things easy for traveling. The service was short and sweet, then we all ate, drank and socialized.  It is always a pleasure to see family and friends that I don't get to see very often.

 My niece is also expecting so soon we will have yet another addition to our family in "baby Cameron". I'd like to wish all the best to Brittany and Kevin in their future together and I hope their marriage is a long and healthy one! Congrats!

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