Friday, 20 April 2012

Bon Is Gone

I couldn't believe that at the young age of 33 Ronald Belford Scott was dead. Bon was on a drinking binge in London and fell asleep sitting up in a car with his head back. He choked on his own vomit. For as long as I can remember now that never sat well with me, the fact that such an incredible person could go out in such a shitty way. I continued my allegiance to AC/DC until I was 14 years old.  I did like the later records with the new singer, but Brian never got me going like Bon did. I also found he did not have the same unique personality & attitude that Bon had, and to this day I only listen to AC/DC that has Bon singing in it.

So for the first time in my life I was introduced to death at age 7. I remember being fairly upset about it...but for what reason? Was I truly reeling from the loss of a person I had never met yet I felt I knew so well and was connected with? Was I mourning for my own personal loss as this could have meant the death of not only Bon but my favourite band? I'm a bit foggy on this one but I'm gonna go with my gut and say A as to me B would be for my own selfish reasons

I find it somewhat strange how people mourn over dead celebrities who they never met or never knew yet the same people don't even grieve as much over their own aunt or grandmother passing away. Said dead celebrity in question never knew you either nor did they even know you existed and they could probably care less. Unless of course there is something out there after death and we were aware of exactly who was mourning over us and could read every single individuals thoughts. I'd like to think we are capable of putting smiles on people's faces who are in the afterlife.

From 1980-1982 I was still a huge AC/DC mark and damn proud of it. I remember getting a "Highway to Hell" iron on shirt made at the Bramalea city centre and I was stoked! I actually ran into an old friend from grade school at a wedding a few years ago and he kept going on all night about how I was the only kid in kindergarten with an AC/DC shirt. Although he was off by a year or 2, I'm too kind to correct a drunk so I simply smiled everytime he mentioned it. I guess I was smiling inside as well because it felt good to be remembered as the only kid bad ass enough to wear rock shirts at such a young age in my school. I could get into all kinds of stories of what I was up to during these years but I don't want to get sidetracked or off topic from the main focus, which is the involvement of music throughout my life.

Christmas of 1982 was around the corner and I didn't it know it but I was about to discover a new band that I would fall in love with, courtesy of my cousin Jamie once again....and 3 numbers that would change my life.... ONCE AGAIN.....forever....

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