Introduction for new readers

Welcome to "Heavy Ghetto" a blog created by independent musician Kevin Theodoropolus, otherwise now known in the underground rap world as "Kabal

This constantly evolving ongoing story is a journey into the life of the author and his love for and involvement with music throughout the years since his very early childhood.

This blog is intended to be read in chronological order starting with the first post "A Hero's Call" dated April 10th, 2012, and it is highly recommended that you do so to make full sense of the story. Jumping in on any random post could confuse you as a first time reader, as there are a lot of reoccurring characters and references taking place in this growing series of events. 

To make the story a bit more interesting and visual, each blog post contains pictures, videos, and music, which in turn gives you the reader more substance to animate the story for you and bring it to life. 

We hope you enjoy your journey through the "Heavy Ghetto"

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