Behind the scenes and behind the music in BWC studios with producer Greg Dawson working on
"Un-fucking-touchable" for Mach Spitz upcoming solo effort "Flossed In Space"

the official music video for Kabal's song "microphornication" from the upcoming full length cd entitled " 73' " Video & music written, arranged, edited, directed & produced by Kabal (kevin theodoropolus)

A sampler/teaser/trailer for Kabal's "Horrorcore Bouillabaisse"

KABAL - Mc Dumpies (Commercial Break) McDonald's Parody/Diss video

Kabal's "Heavy Ghetto" Episode 01 "A Hero's Call / The Origin"


Kabal's"Heavy Ghetto" Episode 02 "Music soothes the savage beast"


Epileptic Brain Surgeons "Cows"

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