Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hair makes the man?

Most of my childhood I had what I referred to as the "Bruce Lee" haircut. Whenever my bangs hit my eyes or the back of my hair hit my collar, my mom would bring me to her best friend Lillian's for a haircut. Lillian and her family also lived on craigleigh crescent. She had a son Michael and a daughter Christy. Mike was a year or so older than me but we shared a common love of star wars and I consider him my first "best friend" I ever made. 

His mother worked from home as a hairdresser, so whenever my mom decided my hair was getting too long she would have me over there in a flash. I expressed my feelings to my mom about wanting to grow my hair long and she flat out refused to accept it.  I could never figure out why, it's not like hair can corrupt you or anything. Looking back I think perhaps she wanted to preserve her young boy as a boy. Or maybe it was her way of trying to protect me from the evils of heavy metal!

The "Bruce Lee" cut. I got in SO much shit from my parents
when school pics came in for wearing that AC/DC pin!

Either way it always bugged me that I had cool shirts and arm studs, but not the long hair to go with it.  By this time my AC/DC t-shirt was on its last leg, as the iron on was slowly peeling away. I had made friends with a new kid in my grade 3 class that year. Nobody else would give him the time of day but I did.... Perhaps it was the fact that he always had the best treats in his lunch and he would offer them to yours truly.

The rest of my friends slowly warmed up to him and in a matter of days he was part of our group.  I invited him to my birthday party that year and I was super stoked when I opened his gift and it was a NEW metal shirt! One that would mysteriously disappear before the end of the school year...

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