Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A Hero's Call...

Greetings everyone and welcome to the first post ever. So why am I starting a blog you may ask? Recently a good friend of mine who some of you may know started a blog. His name is Jon McCausland and he was the owner of UWA Hardcore Wrestling with his brother Joe. I was the senior official in UWA for roughly 8 years. In the beginning I was occasionally reading his blog which in a nutshell consisted of his involvement in wrestling.....or so I thought.

Jon has delved very deep into his childhood, personal life & all the interesting and wonderful friends he has made on his journey through his life. I have become addicted to reading his posts every day now on company time when I drop my morning deuce. "A Hero's Call" is the name of his blog, hence why it is the title of my first post, as my good friend has once again inspired me to do something creative....as when I first met him back in 1998. I strongly encourage you to check it out!


Sooooooo......the big question now is what is my blog going to be about? Good question...one that the author is even in the dark about. For starters I will bring you up to speed on my musical endeavours. I have been working on a new full length entitled " 73' " which consists of swinging 70's sounds in my one of a kind take on rap music. I've also been working on some remixes once in awhile as well as my "Heavy Ghetto" project, hardcore screaming cover versions of classic rap hits. I've added a page for my discography where you can stream or download all of my music.

On the sidelines I just finished producing a track for Cory Bowles aka Cheklove of Halifax hiphop pioneers Hip Club Groove. I also produced a song for the Beef Chief's "Mach Spitz" which will be on his upcoming solo debut "Flossed In Space" I do a bit of rapping on the song and we went into BWC studios to work with Greg Dawson  & Frank Barone of Wiggaz/Grift fame on another track for Mach's cd. You can check out some behind the scenes studio footage on the video page.

Well, I've suceeded in creating my blog and actually posting something! It is now 11:50pm and my ass has to be up at 6:00 am so off to bed for now.....Be sure to follow my adventures and hopefully you are as interested as I am to see what this thing transmogrifies into!

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