Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Day (of the dead) Off

So after a successful week of blog writing I decided to take a day off, since I had Monday off from work anyhow I decided to skip a day of writing....well not technically! It is 10:04 pm monday April 16th. Since I started this blog I have been writing each days post over the course of the day and they don't make it online until the early evening so I decided to take this opportunity to get in the groove of writing and night time so the post can be up first thing in the morning instead. 

So today I decided to take Gabriel to Toronto for an adventurous day of shopping. When we got to union station we headed straight to "the silver snail" our favorite comic shop, and stocked up on some toys from the Amc series "the walking dead" from there we wandered down to yonge street and checked out a few more stores and bought some more goodies.

We went to subway for lunch and split a sub, gabe got to pick the toppings and surprisingly it was delicious! We then popped in the Carlton theatre for a matinee showing of "the cabin in the woods" and we BOTH loved it! We continued our way up yonge street and popped in all of our usual stores for even more purchases! Eventually we got to bloor and grabbed the subway down to union station for a nice train ride home!

Along our journey we managed to bump into my friend billy who was just getting out of class, pick up mortal kombat & street fighter toys for my ex-roomie Matt AND bought a styrofoam head for my pal Jon to display his cobra commander mask on!  All in all an awesome day and I even managed to get the boy to bed on time....kinda....be sure to check back in for our regularly scheduled blog as we continue with "buffalo trip"...

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