Monday, 7 May 2012

Video Killed The Radio Star

As if Toronto Rocks wasn't cool enough, other music video shows started popping up all over the grid. CHUM radio started its own show called "CHUM 30 countdown" which played more of the top 10 commercial type music, but it was still enjoyable to see new music videos.

Another obscure music video show that manifested was called "City Limits" and it was hosted by Christopher Ward. Chris played a lot more underground music as well as what we now refer to as "80s retro" I didn't know it at the time but the station it aired on was owned my Moses Znaimer, city tv owner and the man who brought us Toronto Rocks.

City Limits was on channel 22 which eventually evolved into "the nations music station....Much Music!" City Limits had a reoccurring guest who showed up from time to time. He was a "rock-on" named Wayne who was Ward's "cousin"....or so he said. It would take me a decade to realize that "Wayne" was actually comedian Mike Myers in the early character development stages of "Wayne" from SNL and the Wayne's World movies.

Even though I wasn't particularly fond of a lot of the artist's music, the videos were still very eye catching, innovative and enjoyable to watch. Artists such as Michael Jackson, The Cars, Phil Collins and Huey Lewis (just to name a few) were really upping the music video game with the growing technology in the video industry.

Upon further recent research I discovered "City Limits" was actually Canada's first video show, and Ward is credited as being our country's very first VJ (video jockey)The limits also originally aired Friday and Saturday nights from midnight to 6:00am. I also learned that the "Chum 30" actually premiered in 83', a year before Toronto Rocks. Sorry if my facts were a bit off but I am recalling memories that are 30 years old! ;)

There was one video in particular however that would introduce me to a whole new world of music that changed my life forever...

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