Sunday, 20 May 2012

Casa Loma

So I'm finding it somewhat tricky to write a blog entry every single night. Especially when my son is around here with me as I'm just so consumed in the fun I'm having with him. Once he is finally in bed, it's normally getting late after a fun filled day, which has me finding myself exhausted and wanting to relax....and not use my brain anymore. I may refrain from weekend posts just to give myself a break once a week.

It is now Sunday morning and my son Gabriel is still sleeping after a big day yesterday, so I thought i would take the time to write. Today's post is not music related but it still revolves around the time period I have been writing about. So all throughout grade school we would go on various school trips. My favorite 3 places to go were the zoo, the science centre, & Casa Loma.

Loma was at the top of my list however. Being into darkness and dungeons and torture and ghosts and medieval times and what have you, made going to the castle a very special and exciting experience for me. I loved venturing off with my friends and exploring every inch of sir pallet's dream house. I was obsessed with all the secret passages and tunnels that lay within the structure's walls and was exhilarated by hunting ghosts down in the darkened corridors.

My friends and I would also tend to venture into areas of the castle that were not intended for the general public. Any hole, doorway, or dumb waiter we stumbled upon had to be investigated to the fullest degree. Looking back on it now it's like we were "the goonies" or "the little rascals", brave kids who had no fear and thrived off of adventure and excitement.

Yesterday I brought Gabe there for his first time and he absolutely loved it. I had a great time too as I have not been in about 10 years. It was really fun watching him run around and explore all the familiar places and I couldn't help but remember all the great times I had there as a child myself. Some areas are now closed off from when I was a youngster but I was still explaining to my boy how it was at one time and he listened on with eagerness. There was even a wedding going on that day and surprisingly we ran into some friends of ours who were attending it. It never ceases to amaze me how I run into friends everywhere and anywhere I go. Lifestyles of the poor and infamous...

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