Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Twisted Tales

1983 was quite the year for me. Music videos were booming, I was hitting puberty at a very early age, pay tv was educating me on sex & violence and flea markets were popping up all over Brampton. 

One particular day while shopping with my nana in a flea market at bramalea city centre (before malls were open on sunday) I discovered a small comic stand. I had a few comics in my days but was never really that big into them, until I picked up an issue of "Twisted Tales".  The cover depicted an old granny in her rocker knitting, behind her a mantle adorned with a severed head. When I took a peek inside I was shocked to see an abundance of graphic violence and sex.

There's no way my mom or dad would ever buy me this, but when I asked my nan to "buy me a comic" she quickly agreed without hesitation or even inspecting said rag first. Needless to say I was a legend the next day on recess!

 Around this time I discovered a movie called "The Warriors", a classic flick about New York street gangs and I instantly fell in love with it. I also caught wind of the Hell's Angels and was now determined to have my own gang. The guys I hung out with all started dressing alike and we were packing dog chains, d cell batteries, jack knives and any other form of weapon we could find.

I got quite cocky and started mouthing off to older kids who wouldn't hesitate to come at me.... until they were getting beaten like a dog with whatever happened to be up my sleeve or in my pocket that day.  We had a few mini rumbles here and there, and eventually the gimmick wore off as we were now finding ourselves interested in girls.

Lunch time was now reserved for chasing chicks, mooning, ratting (a frontal moon) and trying to get kisses and cop some feels. We were lovers now, not fighters...

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