Thursday, 7 February 2013

Heavy Metal Party pt.1

While the scent of fall was fresh on the falling leaves, an event of epic proportions was about to take place. My girlfriend Lydia, one half of the Sacrifice sisters was throwing a party. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to seal a spot amongst the older thrasher guys that I looked up to and admired. I knew they loved to party so I figured what better way to solidify a new friendship, I would invite them all. Of course I double checked with Lydia to make sure it was cool with her....or did I?

Pizzaville was once again the backdrop. A few of the dudes were hanging out in there as usual, eating slices and pumping quarters into video games. I came in and asked one of the guys they called "Chunk" if there was anything going on this weekend. He shook his head from side to side and replied "Naaaaw" I could clearly hear the disappointment in his voice. I casually stated "oh my girlfriend is having a party this weekend do you want to come?" Suddenly Chunk's eyes widened and his smile rose like the morning sun, he eagerly responded "yeah???" I said "Yeah man, you guys are all welcome to come" By this time the rest of the guys were paying me their full undivided attention and the spotlight was on me. Here was this dirty skater punk, a saviour, blessing the guys with a party on what would have been a dry boring weekend for them, something they were not accustomed to. The next thing I knew the guys were all chatting me up, asking questions, and treating me like I was one of them.

I suppose bribery had something to do with their new found interest and time for me and I accepted that. After all that was kind of my plan in the first place, dangle the carrot and the donkey will follow. Nowadays I'm not the type to try and buy people's acceptance or friendship but to a naive high school kid it's one of the only ways to gain acceptance at times.

Needless to say I was quite happy. as the week progressed the guys were talking to me every day and treating me like an equal despite the age difference. I don't know who was more excited for the party, me or them. Regardless of that, the stage was set, the seed was planted, and come Friday night it would be time to party with my new friends...

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