Thursday, 14 February 2013

Dis iz why I'm hot

Well here I am apologizing yet once again for dropping the ball this week on blog post entries. I spent the first half of the week being trained for my counter balance operators license. For all you simpletons reading this, I am referring to a fork lift. As happy as I am to be fully licensed now, it did cut into my time enough that I didn't get a chance to write. So here I am now finally putting words down.

Although my time has been tight this week I did manage to produce a new track for my ongoing remix project. The new track is a remix of "Dis iz why I'm hot" by Die Antwoord. If you've never heard of them, Die Antwoord are a South African hip hop/techno group consisting of three members, Ninja, Yolandi and DJ Hi-Tek.

My good friend and former band mate Mike Myre introduced me to Die Antwoord (translated as "the answer") last summer. At first I wasn't really that impressed with them but I couldn't deny the fact that they had skills, and their music videos were quite stimulating to the mind. One day I decided to show my son Gabriel one of their videos. Gabe was quite taken back by it and he found the video somewhat disturbing. Despite all that he couldn't stop singing the song for the rest of that particular weekend he was with me.

Over the last 6 months Gabe has requested to watch their videos on YouTube every time he is staying with me. Needless to say the group has really grown on me since. Two weeks ago we were watching their video for "dis iz why I'm hot" when the video ended there was a message stating that you could download the acapella version of the song from their website and create your own remix for the song with it.
Since Gabe loves them so much and I have an appreciation for them as well now, I decided to do my own version of the song that I have dubbed the "Reek Mix" as I was partaking in some "reek kush" when I made it. You can have a listen to the song at the link below and it is also available for free download.

For more information on Die Antwoord be sure to check out their official homepage at:

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