Thursday, 18 October 2012


During grade nine I started spending my Friday nights sleeping over at my friend Ryan's place, the head spinning drummer I've mentioned in previous posts. Ryan lived up in what we referred to as the "M" section by MacKay plaza, another Brampton landmark I've mentioned back in the story. Ryan's folks were very nice and laid back much like Jerry's folks were. They allowed smoking in the house and his dad would even rent porno movies for us from the video store at MacKay.

MacKay Plaza as it stands today

Normally on a Friday night we would head over to the plaza, eat some pizza and/or junk food & hang out with the assorted riff raff that frequented the place. We'd usually hook up with a few other trouble makers and see what kind of shit we could stir up. Our most common activity we enjoyed was going into the grocery store, I believe it was a "Food City" and buying cartons of eggs. From there we would wander off into the night looking for people or places or objects to throw eggs at. By far our most favourite thing to do was wait at any random bus stop and egg the driver once he opened the door, then we'd scatter into the darkness. I had started getting drunk early into grade 9 so we were also hitting the bottle a lot on our weekend excursions, usually while we hid out in Massey forest, where we were once lucky enough to bump into some drunken female classmates which resulted in me having fellatio performed on me for my first time. Unfortunately it was cut short by one of the girls irate fathers screaming and searching for his daughter, as she had stolen a bottle of his booze earlier that night.

 One night while bumming around a residential area we came across an interesting situation. There was a party taking place and we could clearly see it was full of older kids from our high school. Nobody was guarding the door so we just decided to man up and walk in. I don't think I had ever experienced that much anxiety in my life before. I was certain we were going to be outed, beaten, and ejected off the premises. Ryan knew some of the older guys there who lived in the area so he gravitated towards them. The next thing I knew I was standing there alone scoping the scene, my anxiety now higher than ever.  Finally I spotted a familiar face, it was John McCuish. I quickly approached him to receive a big grin from him and the question "Theodoropolus? How'd you get in here?" I told him we just walked in and he burst out in laughter. John and I shot the shit for a bit. I clearly remember him busting my balls about wearing a beastie boys shirt. If I told John on that day he'd be a huge Beastie Boys fan one day he probably would of laughed in my face...or beaten the shit out of me. Eventually the heat was on us so we dipped out, but I had wet my beak with my first high school party...and I was ready to jump in feet first!

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