Friday, 6 July 2012

Quebec (part 2)

When we finally got to the hotel we were bamboozled once again. They actually split us up into two different hotels and basically segregated the girls from the boys. I was pissed! Once again my plans for panty raids and late night  antics were foiled. The little ghetto hotel we stayed in was right beside the "Chateau Frontenac" which was a sight to behold in itself. I went in the lobby to buy cigarettes and have a quick gander, it was magnificent. I found it ironic and comical that the best hotel and the worst hotel in all of Quebec were side by side.

Our room was on the ground floor with a big window facing out into the street. We goofed around in our room until the wee hours of the night, me rocking my AC/DC cassette the whole while. Somewhere between 1 and 3 a.m. we heard a ruckus and looked out the window to discover all of our teachers/chaperones stumbling down the block, drunk and carrying on.It was a rough morning trying to get the 6 guys in our room ready for the days excursions and we ended up making everyone wait for us, in fact we were so late that they almost left without us. We got in shit. We quickly started spreading word of the teachers drunken antics from the previous night, which like a bad game of telephone gone wrong, made it to the teachers ears, with fingers pointing back to us. We got in shit again.

After a day in hot water and sight seeing we returned back to the hotel. The next thing I knew we had teachers at our door due to the fact that the hotel housekeepers had mentioned to them what a disaster our room was. We had suitcases and clothes and pillows and sheets scattered all over the room. Our personal belongings and things we had bought were littered about, as well as our garbage. We also had wet towels all over the place and the last guy to shower that dawn neglected to tell anyone he had over flowed the toilet dropping his morning deuce. The teachers were furious, they were yelling, throwing our stuff about, and searching the room for incriminating evidence....and wouldn't you know it they found some. Whoever had the room before our arrival had stashed a bunch of empty beer bottles under the bed. It was just our luck...

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