Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Make-a-wish Foundation

On Saturday afternoon my son was playing with his new "monster fighters" Egyptian Lego set when he blurted out "I wish I was The Mummy" I chuckled and paused for a few seconds before saying "Why would you want to be him? He's already dead, just an old dried up skeletal corpse wrapped in bandages. You are still young and alive and have a whole life of possibilities ahead of you"

This got me thinking about my childhood and all of the "I wish" ideas that went on in my head. I remember every time I wished for something out loud my dad would always immediately respond with "Don't wish your life away" As a child I don't ever recall wishing to be someone or something else as I already clearly knew what I wished to be when I grew up, a famous musician. It didn't quite work out that way but that's why we refer to them as "dreams" and as we all know dreams don't always come true.

I was quite happy being me that I didn't feel the need to wish to be someone else. I did however use to wish that my situation in life, and my families situation was better. I've mentioned before that we were well off but we were definitely far from rich. My folks raised us very independently and it was instilled at a young age that we had to pay our own way in life. When all the other kids parents were paying for their school trips to Quebec and instruments for band class, I was using my own money which I had been saving since birth. Money that was accumulated through bonds built with the cash I had received throughout my years at Christmas, on birthdays, and my weekly allowances.

Sometimes i used to wonder what it would be like if one or both of my parents were rich and famous. My mother a glamorous movie star instead of a teller at the bank, or my dad Hulk Hogan instead of a Bell service worker who climbed down manholes all day. My pops would certainly be able to afford the corvette or satellite dish that he always wanted. These wishes definitely had some self serving values when reading between the lines. Like the fact I wouldn't have to go to school as there would be no need for me to work if my family was rich, and I could also do anything I wanted and have anything I desired. 

As I sat in class daydreaming and wishing about my famous family, deep down inside I knew it wasn't a reality. I was just a selfish as any other kid at that age (11-14) but I also had good intentions towards the people I loved in my life as it is a part of my generous nature. Wanting to be a Rockstar was my own dream but I didn't want all of the money and fame for myself. I wanted to be able to buy my dad his dream car and send my mom on luxurious vacations. I even had plans on building a dream home for the family, complete with blueprints I had designed on graph paper. None of these ideas ever materialized. I never got to buy my dad his corvette although it is a dream that still burns inside of me to this very day.

Sure I never gained huge fame, nor am I independently wealthy, but I did pursue my dreams and live my life the way I wanted to. I've gained hundreds of friends, played in numerous bands, and hopefully moved or inspired a few people along the way. I was fortunate enough to be apart of the wrestling business and even more fortunate to earn a living off of my artwork through tattooing for the last 14 years. 

In closing I think I've made a bit of a mark in life for myself, more so than the average blue collared working class dad, and I will continue to leave my mark in this world. My son doesn't have a world famous wealthy father, but he will have countless hours of memories and enjoyment through the music, art, photos, websites, and writings I'll have left for him once I'm passed and gone...and that is priceless!

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