Sunday, 15 July 2012

Craig's axe

I apologize to all my readers for the lack of post this weekend. I've been hanging out with my son Gabriel. When I'm with Gabe I tend to lose track of my regular routine as I give him %110 of my time and attention.

As I had mentioned in the previous post, I've been having difficulties recalling memories from grade 7. At least musically related memories. I could tell endless hours worth of stories involving bad  behaviour or hanging out with my friends, but that would kind of stray away from the task at hand. 

My good friend Craig had started taking guitar lessons at the royal conservatory of music in downtown Brampton, if I remember correctly it was around grade 5 or so when he first started attending. By the time we hit grade 8 I believe, Craig was lucky enough to receive an actual real electric guitar from his parents. I can't recall the make or model of the guitar but it was a bright candy apple red and it looked very metalicious! The brand name B.C. Rich keeps coming to mind but I don't think that's what it was, but more so Craig's favorite type of guitar....the warlock if I remember correctly. 

Regardless Craig was stoked about his new guitar and I was just as easily stoked that one of my best friends had a guitar! We quickly made arrangements for our first official "jam". Craig lived on a small dead end street that was encased by the crescent that I lived on, so it was only a few mere minutes to walk to one another's house. I went to his house since he was the one with the guitar and amp. I brought my trusted drum machine with me and it was go time. 

Neither of us really had the true knack of song writing mastered this early on in life so we did what any other band would do, we emulated other people's music. In particular the Venom song "die hard" which we bastardized pretty good, even add libbing our own lyrics like "Die hard! People's balls chopped off! Die Hard! People's heads crushed by bulldozers!" I'm laughing my ass of as I write this and recall these lyrics, yet I'm overcome with a feeling of warmth as this was truly the pre cursor to what would be our first band...

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