Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Update 08/21/2013

Happy hump day y'all! Looks like I'm finally back with yet more current updates. I didn't end up writing a post for Monday, as I had the chance to spend my two days off with my son, so naturally I opted to spend my time with him since I don't get to see him every day. We spent most of our time watching movies and videos. 

My boy obviously played with lots of toys and video games as well, which gave me the chance to work on his costume for FanExpo, which is in Toronto at the Metro Convention Centre, running from Thursday until Sunday. We will be going tomorrow (Thursday) with hopes of avoiding the weekend madness and having first dibs at all the cool stuff available there to spend my hard earned money on. Hopefully I'll see you there if you happen to live in my area. For more information on the FanExpo be sure to visit:

I know in a post last week I mentioned that the video blog version of Heavy Ghetto would be launching this week. I regret to inform you that such is not the case now, at least for the time being. I couldn't manage my weekend properly to allot myself the time to get some filming started, but never fear, the idea is still on go ahead and I will be bringing this idea to life as promised. You will be the first to know about it, as I will be sharing the videos here first and foremost, stay tuned!

Last but not least, Street Trash, my newest musical collaboration with Cory "Mach Spitz" McCallum is already escalating at a rapid pace. We've got a few songs complete and many more are cooking in the oven. Yesterday morning we had our first collaborative writing session together for the track "Junk Culture" and it went stellar. We've posted some songs online and will continue to do so as we create new ones. Be sure to creep the page constantly, as you never know when something new is going to pop up!

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