Monday, 5 August 2013

Street Trash

Back when I was 14 or so, there was a splatter flick I learned of in the pages of  Fangoria Magazine, an independent, low budget film that screamed cult classic. The name of the film was "Street Trash" 

Judging by the still photos in Fangoria, this movie looked like it was chock full of gore, mainly in bright day-glo colours. The gore looked more like paint as opposed to blood and guts. Never the less something about this flick really appealed to me, I had to get my hands on it!

After scouring every video store within the four corners of my home town, it was safe to say I wasn't going to find this film anywhere. I gave up on my quest, and as the years passed by Street Trash became nothing more but a faded memory in the dark corners of my mind.

20 years passed by and I found myself joining millions in the craze of downloading movies from the Internet. After running out of things to download, I started searching the pages of my old Fangoria Magazines looking for rare and obscure films I could download. I stumbled upon Street Trash once again! Much to my amazement I was able to find it online and download it! I was so stoked to finally watch the movie for my first time. The plot was pretty basic, a liquor store owner finds a very old case of booze known as "Tenafly Viper" which he sells to the winos and hobos for a buck a bottle. Little does he know, anyone who drinks the stuff will melt into a colourful pile of ooze. 

The flick had became a cult classic by this time and it was easy to see why. I absolutely loved the film and have probably watched it a dozen times or more in the last 6 years. Recently the flick was re-released on DVD and blue-ray as a two disc set, which also boasts a two hour documentary about the making of the film entitled "Meltdown Memoirs" I immediately ordered it online and have been thoroughly enjoying it since.

So you may be asking yourself "What in the hell does this have to do with music?" Good question. I am starting a new project with my good friend and former roommate Cory McCallum, who some of you may know as Guy Bowler, Pant City, PZA Cutta, Mach Spitz, or simply the singer from Five Knuckle Chuckle. Cory and I are collaborating on a super fresh old school throwback two man duo in the vein of the classics such as Schoolly D, UTFO, Audio Two, etc. 

The name of the project will be.....


Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open...

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