Friday, 16 August 2013

Current Updates 8/16/2013

Happy Friday everyone, the weekend is here once again, which really doesn't mean much in my world as I will be working Saturday and Sunday. Regardless of my woes, I hope each and everyone of you have a great one. I'm taking a break from the story today to touch base on some current events going on with myself and the music scene in general. 

First off, my homie Mach Spitz and I have already started pre production on our "Street Trash" project, and so far it's been extremely fun. I hope you are all ready for a super old school throwback with lots of flavour to savour. I'll be doing the majority of the producing, but I am happy and relieved to announce there will be some guest producers working on the project with us, which makes my life a bit easier while bringing more dynamics to our sound. Both of us are hyped for this project, and we've always worked well together and we feed off of each others creativity, so it should be quite enjoyable and interesting to see what we come out with. I'll have links posted for Street Trash as soon as we've got some sounds available for the public ear.

Next up, Greg "GERG" Dawson, who was the guitarist in my former bands Dead Homiez, Wiggaz, & Grift, went on to open and operate his own studio, BWC (Brampton Wrecking Crew) at the turn of the millennium. Over the last decade Greg has worked with a lot of talented bands and he has produced some stellar work with various acts. Mr.Dawson has worked hard continuously to up his game, and he has become one of the most respected producers in the local scene. His name has become synonymous with recording in the GTA, and if your band, or your friends bands are looking to record in a professional environment, Greg is your man. Recently we had some serious storms in the area which flooded numerous people's homes in various towns. Unfortunately Greg's home happened to be one of those places, and I regret to inform you that the floor of his studio was destroyed. Since the musical community has nothing but the utmost respect for Greg, we all banded together to create a fundraiser compilation in hopes of raising enough money for Greg to fix the floor of our beloved BWC studios. There are over 30 tracks on this monster with all types of styles and genres. This is essentially the ultimate party mix tape, and it can be yours for whatever you choose to donate. That's right, you get to pick the price you wish to pay for this killer comp. Check out the link below to preview the comp and get your copy today. You'll be proud to say you helped get BWC back on its feet!

Last but not least, I've decided to move forward with my idea of doing a vlog (video blog) version of Heavy Ghetto, my ongoing story of one man's journey through life via music. I'll be shooting my first segment this weekend and should have a video posted for you in time for Monday's blog. I'm interested to see what new shape things will take on this route. I'm planning on getting a little more in depth with the story which will help you relive my past blog posts in greater detail, while shedding light on certain subjects I've merely mentioned. Until then...

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