Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Myres Mix pt.1

Now that I was hanging out with Mike Myre and Mike Chapman quite frequently, I guess it inspired Myre to make me a random mix tape out of nowhere, which I happily accepted from him. The mix tape had a few tracks from my New York top dogs Ludichrist, who had recently released their newest album entitled "Power trip" earlier that year. All the songs were solid, but the one track that really stuck out was called "This Party Sucks" a hardcore rap ditty about, well.... a party that sucked obviously! This song became my new party anthem for the remainder of my high school days.

The next band on the mix tape was "The Mentors" who looked like typical beer bellied, blue collared fathers wearing black KKK hoods. They weren't really hardcore or punk, but more so shock rock. With song titles like "Heterosexuals Have The Right To Rock", "Secretary Hump" and "On The Rag" one couldn't deny these guy s sense of humour, the music was almost secondary. 

Another band on the mix was "Fugazi" who's lineup included none other than Minor Threat frontman Ian MacKaye. 
Fugazi was worlds apart from Minor Threat. The songs were very melodic, the band actually had two vocalists, and the dynamics they created were undeniable. As much as I loved simple, chaotic, 3 chord punk, I was really coming full circle as far as listening to bands who were writing structured, musical songs again, and I was really digging it.

Mike topped the mix off with some local acts, M.S.I., Sons of Ishmael, & Guilt Parade, who I had caught the tail end of when they opened up for Day-Glo Abortions the previous year. I was overly impressed with the raw talent coming out of my own surrounding. I picked up the Guilt Parade album & the Ludichrist album the next time I visited the city.

There was one more band in particular on that mix tape that really opened my eyes. They were doing something fresh, new, and original. Something that would change the face of the music game forever...

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