Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Welcome to my mind

Not long after my birthday I ended up getting into more trouble with the law. I won't go into particulars but it was my heftiest offence to date. I ended up on probation for a year and now had to check in with my P.O. on a regular basis. I also had to perform community service hours, and I was also put on curfew by law, which was essentially the pre cursor to house arrest. 

Due to the circumstances, I was now a prisoner of my own home, specifically my room. The only thing I was allowed access to was music and books. No tv, no video games, no fun. I'd say I was in the darkest place I had been thus far in my lifetime. At first I sat around brooding doing absolutely nothing. After a week of this I was going crazy so I decided to set up a timetable for myself which consisted of music, drawing, reading, crossword puzzles, exercising, and meditation. 

I had recently found interest in Buddhism via The Cro-Mags, a band of hardcore New York skin heads who followed the harikrishna lifestyle. It was in the pages of these books that I started exploring my inner self, which I now realized needed some significant changing. 

I also started reading a lot of books about the mind and dreams. Through this material I had awakened a piece of my brain that most people don't even realize they have the ability to do. I got to the point where I could change and control my dreams, I could even dictate to my mind what I would dream about before I even fell asleep. I also started writing my dreams down as soon as I woke up in the morning. After a few weeks of doing so it was interesting to read it all back to myself in one epic story that made no sense and had no rhyme or reason, yet it was a fascinating read. 

I went on to spend the majority of grade 11 in my "cell" and I made the best of it, in hopes of bettering myself as a person in the long run...

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