Wednesday, 10 July 2013

An epic Epidemic

It was nice indeed to be back in the loop and back in the swing of things, as far as the hardcore world went. Not long after the show at Pizza Pino's, I was informed by E.B.S. member Mike Myre, that the boys would be heading back into the studio for yet another recording session to produce a new release. They had also been picked up by a local independent label, Epidemic Records, which was owned by a fellow named Ron Sumners, who I had nothing but respect for despite any tales I'd heard of him. I was very impressed that someone in our area put their money where their mouth was and tried getting something off the ground. The roster was small but it boasted some great local acts such as Overthrow, Deep End, Mal Havoc, Beyond, and now Epileptic Brain Surgeons.   

Speaking of which, it didn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that these guys weren't going to be millionaires, but it was nice to see them being represented, getting opening slots for bigger bands, making new contacts, and gaining exposure in general. You had to admire Ron for that, wether he was out for his own personal gain, I don't really know, but I admired and respected him for what he did and I still do this very day. I was happy and stoked to see my friends be on an independent record label. I was happy to see my friends start getting bigger shows. I was happy to see my friends start getting more appreciation and admiration from people, which I felt they rightfully deserved the whole time. I guess Ron believed in them as much as I had for years now. 

Ended up that Ron was also a drummer, more specifically for a local death/thrash band called Slaughter, from 1984-1986. Their album "Strappado" is classic and legendary, if you don't own it or know of it, you're not metal, your a puss-bag! The E.B.S. boys started referring to Ron as "The Incinerator" one of the song titles from Strappado. I believe Slaughter had some legal issues when the glam fag band from Vegas came out on the scene in 1988 using the same name, but I could be wrong so don't quote me on that.

Another big deal was the fact that after years of not having a full time bassist, the Epileptics had found one in none other than Mike Chapman. With all these new happenings within E.B.S. it was hard for one not to be excited, and be filled with wonder of just how far this local band could go. I for one couldn't wait for the new demo to drop, and that's what was consuming my thoughts most of the time....until the day finally arrived...

For more information on Ron Sumners & the history of Epidemic Records, check out this article compliments of BW&BK:

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