Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Straight Outta E.R.

As the spring kept warming up in the prelude to summer, things were also warming up in the scene. Mainly, the release of the Epileptic Brain Surgeons new cassette tape. Even though it was their third release, they went with a self titled tape, a fashion which most bands usually do with their first release. Mind you their previous two releases were d.i.y. demo tapes, even though "Hell's Big Apple" was recorded in a studio, the cassette cover was still a homemade photocopy. 

So now the boys had a real release that was recorded at a real studio. it had a real cover and it was on a real independent record label, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. When the day finally arrived I was ecstatic, and needless to say, happier than a pig in shit. The cover looked very slick and it was a play on N.W.A.'s "Straight Outta Compton" but instead of a victim lying on the ground looking up at the "Niggaz With Attitude" this cover depicted you as a patient looking up from your bed at the surgeons surrounding you. All the boys were dressed in surgical gear. I later found out Ron Sumners took the photo while lying on John McCuish's bed. Genius. 

The inside of the cassette had a very cool photo collage, which was what a lot of hardcore bands were doing for their inner sleeves. I was happy to see a snap of Waller wearing my old dreadlock wig, a little piece of me made it to the tape I thought to myself. The lyrics were even printed inside the sleeve as well as a small special thanks section. There was also a special "welcome aboard" announcement, congratulating Mike Chapman, who was now the new bassist for the band. Although Mike Myre actually played the bass parts on the recording, they still have Chapman full credit which I thought was a solid, yet modest thing to do.

As far as the music went, all of the classics were on here, as well as some new songs, there was even a reggae song! James from Mal Havoc actually produced the demo along with a fellow named Serge, at a studio known as Cabin Fever. Al Nolan from "Deep End" another local punk band, even made a cameo on the release.

All in all I was stoked over the tape and I was loving the new songs, but something didn't sit right with me and I couldn't put my finger on it at first. After awhile I finally figured out what the issue was, the sound! It was almost to clean and perfect for a hardcore record. I had become so accustomed to ghetto 4 track recordings and even worse, that this just didn't sound proper to me, it was too polished. I actually preferred the original demo that was recorded on a shitty boom box in a basement. Never the less I still loved the tape and rocked it non stop. I was curious to see what new heights this new recording might carry my friends to...

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