Wednesday, 20 March 2013

House of Anarchy

Growing up in Brampton, I caught wind of a place that sadly I never once had the privilege of going to, it was a place known as the "House of Anarchy" or "House of A" for short. Some of my older thrasher buddies had attended a few parties there and they were the ones who brought it to my attention.

As legend had it, the House of A was a residence inhabited by members of F.B.I. and their circle of friends. Essentially it was a party house and a flop house for punks, thrashers, and everyone in between. I could be wrong about who actually lived there but I am going on memory, memories from 25 years ago.

From what I understood the place was a non stop party, I'm pretty sure they even had bands play there on occasion but don't quote me on that. I may actually do some more research on this subject so don't be surprised if you see a follow up post to this one at some point in the near future. In fact if you the reader personally have any memories, stories, or inside knowledge, please feel free to send them to me via email at:

All I really knew besides the above stated, was that the House of A was quite close to where I lived. I would pass by it everyday during the 15 minute stretch I walked from my house to my high school. Every time I passed by it my head was filled with imagery of how I envisioned it and imagined it to be on the inside. I didn't see paint or wallpaper on the walls, I saw graffiti, stickers, and vandalism. I didn't see furniture like you'd typically see in a house, I saw empty rooms with drunk and high people sprawled across the floor, partaking in party festivities regardless of the time of day or the day of the week.

I honestly don't know what the inside looked like, nor do I know much about the houses history. All I know is how I imagined it in my brain, and how I longed to have stepped foot inside, even if it was only for one magical moment, because in my mind anarchy is freedom and freedom is anarchy...

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  1. I remember one night on acid and all of us go-go dancing to the B52's just cranked at 4am in the morning. The basement was the jam room where FBI and EBS would play...Mold and Beyond too on occasion.