Thursday, 21 March 2013

Horizon Expansion

My musical horizon was constantly expanding and I was always on the search for new music. I would scour t-shirt adds in metal mags and Thrasher mag, pay attention to the t-shirts I saw older guys wearing, and most importantly I would read the liner notes of my records, in particular the "special thanks" section, to see which bands were receiving gratitudes from the bands I was listening to. After all, if my heroes were giving them props then they had to be good right? On top of that MuchMusic was playing more aggressive bands during their metal show, and I had older friends like Spicoli who was kind enough to lend me records on occasion for me to bootleg onto blank cassettes.

With all of these elements combined I was fortunate enough to discover all types of bands ranging in numerous different styles, that all lay within the main genre of the music I adored. Bands like 7 seconds, Attitude Adjustment (who's album "American Paranoia" I feel is in the all time top 10 crossover records), Bad Brains (who blew my mind because they were all Rastafarians of African American descent who quickly silenced the loudest of all racists through their undeniable sound), Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Dag Nasty, Dark Angel, Dead Kennedys, Gang Green, Jerry's Kids, Nuclear Assault, The Nun Fuckers, Poison Idea, Possessed, Ramones, Sacred Reich, SNFU, Sudden Impact & Sons of Ishmael, (both of whom I can proudly say were from my local Toronto scene), Misfits, Life Sentence....I mean the list just went on and on and I was loving every minute of it.

On the video side of things, I found it incredible how more and more bands were coming out with music videos, AND they were actually getting air time! I've added a few of my favourites from these times, please enjoy!

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