Wednesday, 7 November 2012

3 letters pt.2

I can't actually recall how long we sat around contemplating a new name for the band that was made up of three words. It was deep into the winter now and the wheels were slowing down so to speak. We did however have five brains combined, well six actually if you counted our trusty sidekick Sanjai, who was always quick to come up with good ideas. In fact he was the one responsible for the name we eventually settled with a year later, but that's another story for another blog. 

 During the winter months we ended up spending a lot of time at Chinguacousy hill in Brampton. The hill is tiny but none the less it was a ski hill, and Ryan our drummer was an avid skier. Some of us other guys would ski once in awhile since it was inexpensive and fun to do, plus my old pal John McCuish was now running the ski lift. One day I had a brilliant idea that was inspired by some friends of mine. They had ripped down a steel sign and removed it from it's post. The sign was a warning cautioning skiers not to go down the back side of the "mountain" the boys were all taking turns standing on the sign and sliding down the slopes on it. They were even going down the steep, treacherous backside of the mountain on the sign telling them not to do so. 

 A lightbulb went off in my head and I came up with an idea to try out the next time we went to the hill. I had quite a few spare skateboard decks kicking around at home since I was somewhat addicted to buying new decks, so the next night I decided to bring one with me, it was the timeless classic Powell Peralta "Ripper" I was a pretty skilled skater and without missing a beat I was racing down the hill on my "snowboard" At the time you couldn't even buy a real snowboard in Brampton, hell I don't even know if they were invented yet to be quite honest. None the less it was super fun and everybody wanted a turn. 

The next thing you knew over the weeks everyone was bringing a deck with them. We were making jumps, having races, the fun was endless and it was a hell of a lot more exciting than skiing. One of the city workers who sat in a small booth at the top of the ski lift decided to rain on our parade and start wrecking our sweet jumps we were making. We would spend half the night making a good one only for him to come along and wreck it. Frustrated by this we decided to bring a lock with us one night. We built a killer jump at the far bottom of the hill opposite side of him so we could be conspicuous. Then we went up the lift, locked him in the booth unknowingly, and began hitting airs off the jump. 

When he finally noticed us he was outraged we had locked him in. We ended up in the parks & rec office getting chewed out and bombarded with threats of being banned if we kept making jumps. As we sat there in the office I was observing the stickers on my skateboard when I saw three magical words on a sticker..... Garbage Pail Kids..... G.P.K. Had I found our acronym and our new band name?

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