Monday, 16 September 2013

The Myres Mix pt.2

The last band on the mix were very intriguing to me. Musically they seemed almost more Rock&roll than anything, but with a unique edginess to the songs. I had never heard this band before but I had seen a picture of them once in a Thrasher magazine, and I was always fascinated by their image. I decided I'd better go talk to Mike and see if he could shed some more light on the matter for me. His face lit up when I approached him and asked "So what's the deal with GWAR?"

Myre went on to enthusiastically tell me about how he saw GWAR play in Toronto recently and it was the most amazing thing he had ever witnessed. GWAR were a bunch of art students turned rock band who wore these wild costumes. Their whole gimmick was they were from space, but somehow became frozen in the ice of Antarctica. After the hole in the ozone layer occurred from the glam rockers using too much hairspray, the ice melted and they were free to cause chaos and rock the world! 

According to Mike the show was filled with wild and outrageous theatrics. The band themselves resembled monster-like aliens dressed in battle armour, and apparently they were assassinating people on stage, all acting of course, but with blood and gore, the blood even sprayed into the audience on several occasions and Mike was actually wearing his white, bloodstained shirt to support his story. Myre also went on to tell me about how they had a wrestling ring set up on stage, which they held bouts in with oversized insects and other creatures. 

All of this seemed like some type of dream he had, but it was obvious that he wasn't spinning a yarn here, as much as Mike was know to spin a good yarn on a daily occasion. It was hard to take in and fathom mentally, but one thing was clear in my mind...I had to see GWAR the next time they came to play Toronto! 

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