Friday, 13 September 2013

Back On Track Again

After serious thought and deliberation, I have come to the conclusion that the reason I was getting into so much shit in grade 11 was the mere fact that music had became secondary in my life. It's easy enough for me to pin the blame on bad influences and certain circles of friends, but ultimately it boils down to the structure of song.

After my band split up, it was grey days for quite awhile. I had written Ryan off, Craig was now practically living at Phil's place, and Jerry was MIA now that he had started seriously dating this girl named Cindy. Loosing my band, in turn made me lose focus on the one thing I love more than life!

All that was changing now however, as I focused back on the scene and its happenings. Hanging with the E.B.S. boys was my saving grace essentially. I cherish the memories of myself, Mike and Mike spending our lunch hours rhyming off Paul's Boutique. It was pretty awesome to see Mike C, a guy who had never listened to rap, take great interest in the B Boys, and it was fun for me to see someone getting overly excited about the same things I did once upon a time. Mike really ran with the ball and in no time he had all the lyrics down pat. 

The thrasher crew was also growing at an alarming rate, it was really nice to see all these guys coming together for one common cause, partying! Just like every storm is always followed by the calm, such was the feeling in my own life. I had gotten through a very rough year and it was satisfying to have my head back on my shoulders straight. 

The only worry plaguing me now was the end of the school year. Since the majority of my friends were older than me, most of them would be graduating come June, which meant my grade 12 year that still lay ahead for me in the spring was going to be uninteresting since all my friends would be gone... Or so I thought...

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