Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Krush Groove

It was 1986 when I went into Grade 8, it was turning to 1987 on the calendar that Christmas. Not long after discovering the Beastie Boys I was watching movies on first choice when I stumbled upon a movie called "Krush Groove" and decided to watch it. I'm not sure why I did nor can I recall what it was that caught my attention, but I was glad I did. Revenge of the Nerds had a new competitor in town. And of course as always I recorded the movie onto VHS. The tape already had 2 movies on it "Weird Science" and "Aliens" the sequel that is, not to be confused with "Alien"This would be the staple VHS cassette which played almost daily until I started grade 9 in 1987.

The movie told a somewhat non fictional tale of the inception of Krush Groove (Def Jam) Records and it's founders Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons. Rubin portrays himself and Blair Underwood plays Russ. The film also follows the story of two different rap groups trying to make it in the music business, RUN D.M.C. and the Disco Three. If my information is correct the movie somewhat tells the story of how both bands got in the business. RUN D.M.C. are on Def Jam along with Kurtis Blow and the flick follows their hardships as well as those of Rick & Russ who are trying to get their new record label off the ground.  

The Disco Three on the other hand, were three highschool students who are somewhat on the obese side, trying to earn the respect of their peers and their fellow students, while dreaming of landing a record deal through the art of rap music. They are without a doubt the comedic relief throughout the movie as well, and are always debating and arguing over numerous issues. One of these being the name of their crew, which they eventually change to "The Fat Boys" and their history begins to be made. There are a few cameos from other rappers as well such as Whoodini, Jekyll & Hyde, a VERY young L.L. Cool J, and of course my boys.....the Beasties!!! 

Their cameo was very brief, maybe 30 seconds to a minute long. They were performing on stage at a battle of the bands type of event. It was amazing for me to get a glimpse of the boys doing their thing live as opposed to a music video which is scripted and acted out. This quickly became my favorite scene of the movie and i would rewind it countless times over. What was even more amazing was the fact that they were performing a song I had never heard before! Like most of their music, it was full of heavy guitars and kicking drum beats, put together in a more up tempo, catchy concoction. I can't remember if I checked the credits at the end of the movie or if my brain picked up on
 the song's hook, but I somehow figured out the track was called "She's On It"

Now I just had to figure out how and where to find it...

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