Monday, 6 August 2012

Vacay Rundown

As I write this blog entry, unsure of when I will actually have the chance to post it, I'm sitting on a swing bench in the shade enjoying my first jack and coke of the day overlooking a spectacular view of rice lake.....and 4:20 came about two hours early. In the midst of this trailer park paradise I seem to be caught in the moment which in turn is creating writers block. The fact that my son is pestering me to play games on the very iPod I'm writing on isn't helping the cause either. I suppose this blog entry will serve as current updates in regards to my holidays.

My son came over Friday after I finished my final shift for work. We just hung out and watched movies. On the Saturday it was toys, Xbox, and videos on YouTube followed by a visit to the creek to catch frogs and fish, then we went for ice cream. On Sunday Gabe went to stay at his friend Jordan's place for a sleepover, I literally spent the morning, day & evening cleaning my appartment, then chillaxed for the night and enjoyed some movies. On monday we went shopping then hung around the house having a quiet day. On Tuesday we went down to one of my favorite childhood spots, Center Island. It was nice to see some of the same old rides from when I was young and my boy absolutely loved the place. Wednesday was another quiet day at home which entailed of packing for our excursion the next morning.

On Thursday morning we took the go bus to Toronto and met up with my niece Brittany, who brought us to my grandparents for a nice visit and lunch. My sister, her boyfriend and her son Ryan met us there. After lunch we rolled with them to Oshawa to get packed up for the trailer, which awaited us up on Rice Lake. We arrived there in the early evening, had some pizza, and drank a few beers before retiring at about 1:30am. On Friday morning after breakfast it was right to the pool with Gabriel. It seemed all we did was swim for the majority of the day, either in the pool or off of the dock, only ever breaking for meals or trips to the store. I somehow managed to almost polish of my bottle of JD in one day, no easy feat considering I don't drink very often. Once dusk hit we got the fire rocking and were joined by my sisters friends from the park. After a walk at 2:30 a.m. I came back to find everyone had gone to bed so I followed suit.
Saturday morning was a bit rough but surprisingly I wasn't hung over. After coffee and breakfast for the boys I took my son and nephew down to the pool as it was a scorcher of a day. Our epic swim came to a close and the boys are now cooling off in the trailer playing video games as I sit on my swing and write.....more adventures to follow I'm sure...

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