Friday, 10 August 2012

Vacay Rundown pt.2

Today's post is a follow up to the previous post in regards to my vacation. The next post that will appear after this post will return us to our regular scheduled blog material. After a bit of relaxation time on Saturday afternoon it was off for another big swim with my son and then over to one of the neighbors for a huge BBQ feast. I neglected to mention in the previous post that we went on a nice boat ride friday afternoon. After dinner (sat.) we swam off the dock for awhile and then went and swam in the pool until closing time. There was a band playing at the park in a large utility barn and we could hear the tunes a rocking as we swam. We decided to go get dressed and then check out the barn dance and the band. It was very humid in there and Gabe wasn't digging the high volume of the music so we didn't stick around too long. It was getting late so we headed back to the trailer and I got the boy to bed. Out of nowhere a big, windy thunderstorm hit and put a damper on the nights usual plans for drinking around the fire. I opted to sit on the deck and have a few drinks with my sister's boyfriend and his brother before retiring for the night.

Out on the boat with Gabe

Sunday morning it was still drizzly so we had our coffees and breakfast then packed up to head back to my sister's place as they had an anniversary dinner to attend. Gabe and I had the luxury of watching some cable tv for awhile, then we went outside for the evening which saw Gabe play hockey, drive some golf balls, and drive my nephew Ryan's motorized jeep around the street until my parents showed up to grab us, fresh back from their two week cruise of Alaska. It was fairly late when we got to my folks place in Bowmanville so we called it a night.

The next two days we hung around the house with my parents and relaxed with the exception of the odd trip to the store or park. Gabe stayed busy playing with toys, playing darts & air hockey, watching movies, riding the scooter, swimming in the blow up pool, and beautifying the sidewalk with chalk. I finally had Internet access so I posted a quick blog entry which I still have to edit and add a photo to. Speaking of photos, I had the pleasure of checking out the 100 or so pics that my folks took on their holiday, and needless to say they were quite breathtaking. I also spent the good part of Monday going through all of the old family photo albums. I took about 100 pictures on my iPod, some of which aren't of the best quality but the memories are priceless, a lot of these photos are also related to past blog stories so I will be going back through all my old entries and adding new photos.

One of the numeros old photos to come. Myself in 1973
On Wednesday I finally watched a bit of the Olympics for the first time and wasn't it my lucky day as women's wrestling was on! My dad brought us back home that afternoon and we took it easy, Gabe ended up going back to his mom for 2 nights which gave me some relaxation time. I spent this time playing the new downloadable content for Left 4 Dead 2 and I managed to get a few more songs mixed and mastered for 73'. I also finished up a new song which should be up in the next day or two.
It is now Friday afternoon, Gabe is back for the weekend, it's raining out, so we're just going to be having a quiet, relaxing day inside. As far as the weekend goes I'm sure we'll get up to one more finale of an adventure before my holidays come to a close.

Back to our regular scheduled program...

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