Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Obsessed with wrestling

Apologies for missing yesterday's post, as per usual life was a little hectic, thankfully it's never in a bad way!

So grade 8 was great, asides from my rekindling with rap via the Beastie Boys and RUN DMC, I spent most of the year obsessed with wrestling and the commodore 64 computer. I had tons of wrestling VHS tapes as I used to tape matches every Saturday afternoon and the occasional Saturday night when SNME was on. I had started collecting wrestling magazines in grade 7 so by this time my collection had grown quite large. Wrestling figures were also in abundance inside my toy box and I'd virtually wrestle with whatever type of action figures I could get my hands on, be it G.I.Joe or He-Man.

My obsession with wrestling grew and grew, I knew everyone's stats, dates of historic title changes and so on. Things got to the point where I didn't even want to be a rock star anymore, I was determined to be a wrestler. Our school had a wrestling team so I decided to join, from there on I had a brief stint with the amateur wrestling team at school until I decided to use a vertical suplex one day and that was the end of my amateur wrestling career.

Not to be bested I decided to start my own wrestling promotion, the BWF. As far as I know the BWF could have possibly been the first ever backyard wrestling organization in Brampton. My friends and I made up the small roster and we had matches every day on lunch, created title belts, declared champions and kept stats. Wrestling was also influencing my artistic side, as all I was creating through grade 8 were wrestling comics or animated flip books of wrestling.

A good portion of the bwf roster

The BWF was getting bigger and we had a new kid who invited himself into our organization regardless of the fact that we blatantly didn't consider him apart of it. His involvement and annoyance would lead to an epic historical day close to the end of the school year.....a hair vs hair/ title vs title match between him and yours truly...

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