Thursday, 24 January 2013

Four 0

It seems like I have to start off yet another blog with a sympathetic apology. I took a couple of weeks off from writing over the Christmas holidays and its been somewhat of a chore getting back into the swing of things to say the least. Last Monday was the first official posting of 2013 for Heavy Ghetto, and I had planned to return with a vengeance. That vengeance was short lived as I only managed to post two entries last week, then my birthday hit and I kind of dropped the ball for the remainder of the week.

I worked all weekend and was geared up for Monday-Wednesday off, figuring it would give me ample time to write a weeks worth of blog entries but unfortunately such did not happen. I was once again consumed with life, cleaning, laundry, & tattooing, and just didn't find or make the time to write. I did manage to work a little on some new music for my next future endeavour, so it was nice to get some creativity out of my head.

I think taking such a big break from writing has made me neglect it and I'm truly struggling to get that fire lit again because there is still much of the story to be told. I think turning 40 last week kind of interfered with writing as well, as it had me in somewhat of a dark place temporarily. I never imagined or pictured myself alone on my 40th. No friends, no party, no significant other, just me in solitary. My ex wife couldn't even find two seconds of time and decency to dial my phone so my son could say "happy birthday dad" a simple gesture that definitely would have brightened the day. I think the only saving grace for me was the overwhelming love, outreach, and support I received from hundreds of friends, fans, and family members on Facebook. It was nice to see that so many people took the time to think about me and show they cared.

My only advice to anyone turning 40 would something to make it memorable. Please don't perceive this as a pity party, I am merely sharing my experience, and giving some whole hearted advice that I hope you keep in mind. With that said let us get back to the story...

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