Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Biotech is Bagzilla

So this past Saturday night I had the pleasure of heading downtown Toronto with my best friend Jerry to the Hard Luck club to see some live music, but not just any ordinary bands. We had the pleasure of witnessing live performances from two Brampton bands we grew up following and idolizing, Curious Mold and Epileptic Brain Surgeons. I'd like to give additional props to the two other bands that played, Soulstorm & Fatality but it was Mold & E.B.S. that made the night magical for me.

After 25 years of first hearing these bands, their songs still fill me with the same energy and happiness as they always did. I had the biggest smile on my face and as most of you know that is somewhat rare for me. It was amazing to see these guys do their thing once again, and considering they are all over 40 years of age now, they still throw down as hard as ever...perhaps even tighter than they did in the 80's.

I've remained friends with the EBS crew over the years and was honoured and privileged when they asked yours truly to join them on stage to sing one of their songs "Seizure in the mall" to which I happily and eagerly agreed. Once on stage the quiet, laid back guy I am disappeared and from within me came the energetic, animalistic maniac that I tend to turn into on stage. Lyrics were screamed, mic stands were tossed, and my burning carcass thrashed about like there was no tomorrow.

All in all it was an amazing night and quite possibly one of my favourite performances from both bands respectively, even though it was sadly their last. To make things even greater EBS were giving out free CDs of their latest and final recording ever. In ode to my brothers I've decided to dedicate this weeks blog to them, each post telling their story and my involvement in it. Thanks for the amazing memories guys, I love you all.

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