Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The last deck in the cards

So I was on the hunt once again for a new kick ass skateboard deck. I had gone through so many in the past few months that I was now determined to find one I could settle on and be happy with.

While checking out one of the local skate shops called Street Surfers, that I frequently shoplifted from, I came across a really cool deck. It was made by a company called Brand-X, whom I had never heard of, but this deck looked awesome! The size, shape, and concave was very similar to the Santa Cruz Slasher and the Vision Lee Ralph model. On the top/middle portion of the deck there was the Brand-X logo, two crossbones making the X with a gnarly tongue sticking out between them. It was the graphic on the bottom of the deck that truly grabbed my attention however.

The bottom side of the deck was packed top to bottom and side to side with a collage of faces, resembling a crowd of monsters, creeps, and other weirdos. Some of the faces had empty speech bubbles beside them, similar to what you would see in the Sunday comic strips. I thought it was the coolest thing ever being given the option to write whatever you wanted in the bubbles. I purchased the deck with my hard earned money and hurried home to hook it all up.

Inside the speech bubbles I wrote things such as "skate or die", "not", "no poseurs", etc. all the cliche skate sayings and things relative to the world of thrash and hardcore music. Once I got my trucks, wheels, and rails on it was time to hit the streets. This bad boy was a sweet ride to say the least, and my Ollies were now at an all time high, I was getting close to one foot off the ground doing a stationary Ollie.

There was only one thing left to make my new ride complete to my satisfaction, it was time to figure out how to decorate the black grip tape like I had seen at Ching Park on Captain Caveman's board...

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