Thursday, 13 December 2012

Decks in effect

Over the course of the summer in the year of 1988, I was practically buying a new skateboard every week. I had a few Powell decks, a few Santa Cruz decks (mainly variations of the infamous Slasher model) and a few decks from Vision skateboards. I even ordered a Suicidal Tendencies deck from Dog Town skates through Thrasher magazine. Needless to say i was quite disappointed after waiting all summer to receive what was the flattest, heaviest deck I had ever owned. I rode it for a week or two and then ended up selling it to Craig.

There was one vision deck I really liked and stuck with for awhile, the Lee Ralph pro model. It had a gnarly design and a wicked graphic depicting a skinned corpse all folded up to fit the inside the perimeter of the deck. The concave on this board was deep and it had a fat, high angled tail. My ollies were at an all time high now, and I seemed to be a better skater over all while riding this board. As all great things must come to an end, I ended up snapping the tail off the deck fresh into the new school year.

I went to buy the same board again but none of the 3 skate shops in Brampton had it, so I opted to buy the Santa Cruz Slasher....again! I didn't even have the board two weeks when I was approached by one of the older thrashers in my highschool, a guy named Shayne who everyone called Spicoli because he resembled Sean Penn's character Jeff Spicoli from the movie Fast Times At Ridgemont High. Spicoli was very interested in buying the Slasher from me and he offered me $40 for it. I told him I'd settle for $20, a gram of hash, and his S.O.D. t-shirt. He agreed and the next day we made the deal. I'm not sure who was more stoked over the transaction him or me, but it seemed like a win win situation for both of us.

Now I stood at a crossroads with a new dilemma....I didn't have a skateboard! It was time once again to take a trip to the local skate shops and see what my next piece of wood was going to be... Little did I know it would be the last board I bought for the remainder of my time in highschool!

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