Sunday, 17 May 2015

Spring Cleaning

I was doing some spring cleaning on the weekend with my son, and we found my old art portfolio from high school. Obviously we decided to crack it open and sift through the treasures inside. I knew I had tons of old flyers, but I didn't t realize I still had most of the original artwork for them. I also discovered a collection of flyers for almost every Grasshopper show I played. The coolest thing by far though, was a hand written double sided piece of paper I'd used to keep track of EVERY Grasshopper show we ever played. Venues, the acts we played with, and most of the dates. I decided to re-write them all in this post for prosperity reasons and fond memories that I'm sure will come back as I write this list:

Thursday April 23rd, 1992 - Niagara Cafe - w/ Mudfish & Goat Dance
May 1992 - Pickering Coffee House - w/ Something For The Pain & Yet Another Posse
May 1992 - Degrassi Street house party - w/ Goat Dance
Sunday June 7th - Ozone - w/ Y.A.P.
Monday June 8th - 1150 - Elvis Monday w/ various bands
Sunday June 14th - Pickering Coffee House - w/ Stew, Goat Dance, Mudfish
Monday July 13th - Lee's Palace - w/ Y.A.P., Mudfish
Friday July 17th - 1150 - w/ Groovy Religion
Wednesday July 23rd - Sneaky Dee's - w/ Land Of Nod
Thursday July 24th - 1150 - w/ Grim Skunk, Satanatras
Monday July 28th - 1150 - Elvis Monday w/ Velcro Soul, Fibreglass Granny, Freak Brothers 
Wednesday July 30th - 1150 - Dinner is Ruined, Bryan Ruryk
Thursday July 31st - Lindsay Ontario Bingo Hall - w/ Problem Children, Velcro Soul
Friday August 1st - 1150 - w/ Dave Howard, Paul Myers
August 18th - Sneaky Dee's - w/ Land Of Nod, Mudfish
August 20th - 1150 - Benefit show w/ various artists
August 21st - 1150 - Drive Like Jehu, Snowdogs
August 23rd - Project X - w/ Yeti
September 2nd - El Mocambo - w/ Suffuse
September 5th - 1150 - w/ Don Gato, Rocktopus, Hernandez Brothers
September 10th - Sneaky Dee's - An April March, Development Site
September 12th - Pablo Cafe - w/ Dirty Bird
September 30th - Tremors - w/ Y.A.P., Demon Barf, Full
October 1st - 1150 - Book Fair w/ various artists
October 3rd - Sneaky Dee's - w/ Land Of Nod, Mudfish
October 7th - Sneaky Dee's - Graham Kirkland Project - w/ Big Sugar, Bare Naked Ladies
October 10th - Oxford party - w/ Dirty Bird, Cops For Christ
October 17th - 1150 - w/ hHead, The Coles
October 22nd - 1150 - w/ The Smalls
November 6th - 1150 - w/ Wool, Groovy Aardvark, Y.A.P.
November 10th - Lee's Palace - w/ Full, Squid, Land Of Nod
November 14th - Rotate This - w/ Sloan
November 20th - Silver Shack - w/ LandOfNod,Mudfish,GoatDance,BobDogDog,CatRocket
November 26th - 1150 - w/ Dog Pile, Mudfish
December 3rd - 1150 - w/ GoatDance, Mr.Nobody, Full, Mudfish, 2 Line Filler
December 7th - 1150 - Elvis Monday w/ various artists (New Music filmed us)
December 9th - Ozone, Oshawa - w/ Project 9
December 11th - Opera House - w/ Jesus Lizard, Arc Welder
December 12th - Godridge Ontario - w/ various artists
December 26th - 1150 - Satanatras, Mudfish, Shotgun Shack

January 2nd 1993 - Embassy Hotel - w/ various artists
January 9th - Peterborough Art Space - w/ Crumb Family Robinson, Voodoo Chick Town
January 13th - Tremors - w/ Demon Barf, Rund Funk
January 14th - 1150 - w/ Project 9, Edma's Cat
January 15th (my 20th birthday) - Kave in Guelph - w/ 13 Engines
January 21st - 1150 - w/ Goat Dance, Demon Barf, Marcy Playground
January 29th - Oshawa Church - w/ various artist
February 6th - The Rivoli Club - w/ Satanatras
February 11th - Silver Shack - w/ Mudfish, Full, Hash Mantis
February 12th - HMV Super Store - w/ hHead
February 18th - Project X - w/ Lock Jaw
March 2nd - Edgewater Hotel - w/ Gobble Hoof
March 5th - The Rivoli Club - w/ hHead, Green Apple
March 7th - Promise Land - w/ Boris Is Back
March 19th - Sneaky Dee's - w/ Mudfish, Goat Dance
March 20th - Edgewater Hotel - Pot Fest w/ Satanatras & various artists
March 21st - El Mocambo - w/ Demon Barf, Ice Pick Lobotomy
March 27th - The Concert Hall - 102.1 Sonic Spring w/ Acid Test, Teknicolour Raincoats, The Morganfields (our final show)

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