Thursday, 29 May 2014

Who's Tha Posse? pt.1

The days of June 1992 had been scratched off the calendars, our demo was recorded, and we were into July, and a beautiful summer to boot. Y.A.P. (Yet Another Posse) had recently gotten booked to perform on Electric Circus, which was a video dance show that aired on MuchMusic at the time. We were totally stoked for our new friends, so naturally we eagerly tuned in to watch. I must admit it was quite amusing watching the live audiences reactions. These were "beautiful people" who longed to get on television so they could dance to shitty music. Now they were being presented with something new and original, yet they couldn't quite figure out how to dance along to Y.A.P.'s unique blend of rapping, DJing, and shredding guitar.

Y.A.P. performing on Electric Circus
Grasshopper as a band, were absolutely loving Y.A.P. Perhaps because we all loved hip hop so much and listened to that genre mostly above all others. Myself and Mike C, having our own rap project on the side, were intrigued and inspired by the fact that someone else was doing rap music. It was just great to see someone else's approach to the creativity of the art form. We had enjoyed our first gig with the guys tremendously, performance wise and on a personal level. The members of both groups seemed genuinely interested in each other as people and there was an electrifying excitement in the air as we got to know each other. We all collectively agreed that we needed to play more shows together in the future.

Not long after that initial meeting, the Y.A.P. boys booked us a gig with them in Oshawa, which ended up being a smashingly good time. We met and made some cool new friends who were in the opening act, a band called Project 9. These guys were some interesting cats and they definitely had their own unique blend of musical madness going on. We most certainly wanted to play more shows with them in the future as well. 

Grasshopper was rolling on the track like a steam engine on an important delivery. Our name was growing and becoming synonymous with the Indy scene in the city. We were finally starting to get more respect from club owners and promoters all over the GTA (Greater Toronto Area, not Grand Theft Auto) which meant we were getting options to branch out and play different clubs other than the 1150, which had become our home away from home. Derek was obsessed with playing at Lee's Palace, which at the time was the Mecca for larger scale Indy and underground bands. Our hard work and dedication had payed off, and Derek nearly shit ten bricks, when we received a phone call from Lee's Palace asking us to perform there. We had reached another one of our long term goals in a fairly short period of time, and we knew exactly who we wanted to play alongside with us....Y.A.P. of course...

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