Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Life Goes On...

After the greatest night of my life, seeing the Beastie Boys in concert, I felt whole, I felt complete, and I felt at one with life and the universe. Their inspiring performance fueled the fire under myself and the two Mikes, and we started taking things a bit more seriously with 3 n' Pass as far as making music was concerned. Grasshopper continued doing our thing. We were still playing shows fairly frequently to save up money to record with Pete Hudson and Dummy come summertime.

Things hadn't worked out so well with Georgina, so I had distanced myself from her. Some point along the way I ended up meeting a buxom young redhead in the store one day who was shopping with her friends. They were playfully displaying vintage lingerie against their bodies. Red jokingly boasted how none of the bras would fit her overly developed chest. I stated that at least one of them had to fit. She said "if you can find a bra that fits me I'll give you my number" Without missing a beat I went into the back room and grabbed a 44DD black lace bra off a rack of items that never sold. I quickly returned and handed it to her. It fit in a way very reminiscent to Cinderella and the glass slipper. Red stayed true to her word and handed me a piece of paper with her phone number on it and her name, "Kelsey" 

For the next few months my life was a whirlwind of productivity. I was making music with the two Mikes whenever I was in Brampton, Grasshopper was now gigging so much that we rarely jammed anymore, and any free time I had I tried to spend with Kelsey. On the band front we we're gigging with the same usual suspects: The Satanatras, Yet Another Posse, Goatdance and Mudfish just to name a few. We were also getting some pretty good gigs opening for bigger Indy bands, and we had the privilege of performing inside of Rotate This Records for their grand opening of the shop. 

Grasshopper @ Rotate This grand opening. The last known photo of my long hair
My hair was now the longest it had ever been and I was loving my locks, I was still sporting the undercut I had started towards the end of high school. Hanging around Derek so much had clearly rubbed off on me, as I decided to dread lock my hair. Derek's girlfriend did it for me one night while we all watched the Arsenio Hall show and puffed some ganj. My hair was so straight and lifeless that even with the aid of beeswax the dreads weren't taking to well. She tried her best to manage, and after a few uncomfortable hours she was done.

I wasn't very thrilled with the overall finished product, so most days I just tied them back and tucked them into my hat. The longer I had the dreads the more I disliked them. They were itchy and uncomfortable, and I did not like the aesthetics of them on myself. I feared I had made a grave mistake. I loved my long hair but I wasn't loving the dreads, in fact my hair was actually getting shorter as the dreads started to bind themselves tighter. I was now facing what felt like an overwhelmingly huge life decision in regards as to what to do next with my lid...

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