Monday, 16 March 2015

Party Animals From Hell pt.1

I was highly excited for my first May 24 long weekend experience. I had never been away for one of these, but I had heard epic stories from my older buddies of all the wacky antics and hi jinks that took place. Despite the fact that my new sweetheart was heading to a different destination than me, I was eagerly awaiting this party of the year. We had rented a large cottage that was actually 3 cottages in one on a nice private piece of Wasaga Beach. There was quite a large group of us going, so the cost was quite cheap divvied up amongst us. I had covered my cost of the cottage, but now as the long weekend approached I realized I had no money for food or party favours.

I approached my mom and dad on the subject and they were more than happy to help. I never relied on my folks for financial help, and I wasn't about to start now, but they helped me in other ways. My father donated a 26 ounce bottle of 151 Jamaican rum, and my mother offered some cans of frozen lemonade as mix. My parents also told me I could take some meat from the deep freeze in our garage as well as some food from the fridge and pantry. The deep freeze was full of high grade packaged meat. My folks had literally boughten an entire cow that year, so I loaded up my cooler with an assortment of cuts. I was now officially ready to rock.

Since it was a long weekend we headed up to Wasaga on the Thursday evening. My friend Jay Dove had rented a serious sound system that was sure to blast any opposing music into the dust. We loaded it up along with our gear and hit the road. We arrived around sundown, unpacked, settled into our rooms, then started hooking up the sound system. We ended up putting it on the kitchen counter in our cottage with the speakers set up in front of a screen window. The music was now in effect and it was LOUD.

I only had two cans of lemonade, so I decided I'd use half my bottle of rum Friday and the other half on Saturday, but what would I drink tonight? Thankfully I ended up getting a few beers from friends, and I took a couple swigs of the 151. That was more than enough to get me feeling good for the night, not to mention the endless supply of dope that was being passed around. Jay had also brought his BBQ with him, and we ended up firing it up later into the night. I threw some pizza pops on the Barbie and surprisingly they turned out amazing. They tasted ten times better than they did when cooked in an oven or microwave.

As the night rolled on, more and more friends started arriving, some of which I didn't even know were coming, as they hadn't split the costs with us. Our cottages were on a fairly decent sized lot, so most of the extra attendees had brought tents to sleep in. Some simply had decided to sleep in their cars. Needless to say I was kind of stoked that our group of 15-20 people had now doubled to about 40 friends, and word on the beach was even more of our homies would be arriving as the weekend progressed. 

I was having a grand old time, but I was exhausted as it had been a very long day. I was half in the bag, my legs were like rubber, and my mind was starting to shutdown. I figured it was time to goto sleep, but I felt like somewhat of a lightweight being the first one to hit the hay. I quietly slinked off to my room without anyone noticing and crawled in bed. It was roughly midnight and the music was still cranking, but somehow I managed to block it out and slip off into dreamland. As I faded away I thought to myself "I might be the first one in bed, but I'm going to be the first one up to bring this party back to life in the morning..."

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