Monday, 12 January 2015

Carry on wayward son

So what was I to do now? I had been betrayed by someone I considered my best friend, but I guess the feeling wasn't mutual. So I decided to seek solace in the people who truly were my best friends. I started spending a lot more time with my Brampton boys, who I had clearly been neglecting the past two years, and it was truly a pleasure to reconnect with them and get back to my roots.

Musically I still had 3 n' Pass, so I began focusing all of my energy and creativity towards the project. We continued working on new songs, making new homegrown videos, and we started contemplating the idea of actually performing live. We just had to figure out how we would do that considering we had no instruments. 

Being stationed in Brampton again, I also started spending a lot more time with the Demon Barf crew up in the J section. Their guitarist Paul's house had now become my new home away from home. We'd mostly watch wrestling videos or play wrestling video games when the band was at rest. I kept playing the role of "Jimmy the sheepwanker" for them whenever they had gigs, and I embraced my role as an honourary member of the DB Army.

One day while hanging with them, they realized at the last minute that they had a show to play in Brantford. They scrambled to get a convoy together and pack the gear, but as fate would have it they weren't able to get a second vehicle. This meant they only had a four seater car to try and transport all of the gear plus 7 band members. There was no way possible for everything and everyone to fit.

Then came the debate on which members would actually attend the festivities. Clearly they needed the drummer and guitarists, which left only one spot in the car for a singer. The big dilemma however was the band had two singers, Matt & Kev. I don't remember exactly who made the call, but somehow it was decided that I would be the singer for this particular gig.

I was pretty stoked, yet somewhat nervous, as I didn't even know all of the lyrics to their songs. For the entire commute there we listened to their demo tape repeatedly so I could try and get my shit together. I had most of it figured out by the time we got there, but I knew I was going to have to improv a few parts and make up my own ad-libs.

When we arrived at the venue, we were eagerly greeted by the promoter and other bands. Much to our surprise, the club we would be playing in was attached to a strip joint. There was literally a door in the club that brought you into the adjoined club where the exotic dancers performed. Whenever the chance presented itself, we'd pop in for a quick drink and check out some of the lovely ladies.

The show was an all ages afternoon event, so we played around 3:00 pm or so. Despite me having to improv half of the show, we surprisingly pulled off a pretty killer set. After we were finished, we packed the gear back up and headed into the strip club for awhile. The main feature was just about to hit the stage, so we decided to stick around and check her out before heading home. 

She was a very bubbly, busty blonde with a pearly white smile that never left her face. Her act was highly entertaining, as she encouraged crowd participation throughout her set. At one point she pulled me and one of the other guys on stage and handed us each a squeeze bottle full of fluorescent paint, then instructed us to cover her with it. We held the bottles by our crotches and simulated masturbation motions while spraying the bright paint all over her body. From there she took out some glossy white poster sized pieces of paper and began to make prints of her tits and ass on them. Genius idea I thought to myself. She then preceded to make more prints and handed them out to people in the audience. I was fortunate enough to get one.

After all the fun and games were over, we piled back in the car to begin the trek back to Brampton. It was an awesomely fun day. I was thrilled to be back on stage to a warm accepting audience, and I couldn't thank the DB boys enough. I also had a great souvenir compliments of the stripper, and I would cherish and admire her work of art with great pride and fond memories. I was very anxious and curious to see where the musical path would lead me to next...

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