Thursday, 12 June 2014

Barfing With The Demons

I had hung out with Paul from Demon Barf a few times at club Tremors, and we got along quite well. Then one night he asked if I'd like to come hang out with him and his friends and I agreed. Paul picked me up in the early evening and he had his buddy Eric with him, who was one of the nicest dudes you could ever meet. He was always bright eyed, big smiled, and full of life.

We headed over to Massey Forest, a park in Brampton, where we met up with the rest of the Demon Barf gang, their singers Matt and Kevin, drummer Gregg, guitarist Mike, and accordion player Jay, who I knew previously from the punk scene. They also had a couple of friends with them, Dave McCracken, who's parents should of named him Phil, and a black guy named Mark who I knew from school. 

Mark was a seriously talented artist and your typical scholastic comic book collecting nerd type. I used to give him the business at school quite often, but now here I was having to hang out with him. I hadn't seen Mark in a year or so and he had changed drastically. He'd grown taller and clearly had been hitting the weights. It was somewhat awkward hanging out with someone I had previously bullied, but we were grown men now and I had no issues letting bygones be bygones as long as he didn't, which I was unsure of for awhile as he was hard to get a read on.

I really had no idea what was in store for the night, but I was shocked when the guys decided we would play hide and seek. Here I was an adult now, used to participating in adult activities with my friends, now playing kids games? I was skeptical to say the least but I ran with it. Surprisingly it was fun as hell. The DB boys were all straight edge,  but they were high on life and knew how to have fun. This night took me back to a more innocent time, I reconnected with my inner child, and realized I could have fun without the aid of drugs and alcohol. It was just like being back in grade 9 hanging out with the Epileptic Brain Surgeons all over again.

After the park we headed to mega burger for some eats, to which the guys kindly treated me, then we headed back over to Paul's place and watched "Grunt! The Wrestling Movie" which I hadn't seen in years. I was surprised to learn how big of wrestling fans these guys were, little did I know we had so much in common all this time. 

I hung out with the guys quite often after that. We'd usually hang at Paul's and watch movies or wrestling while I would be doodling funny pictures of their band. He also had a pool so there was a lot of wrestling going on in the pool as well. Paul also made the mistake of showing me a video game called "DOOM" on his PC computer, which resulted in me always playing DOOM while the guys did other things. 

Paul had also given me a copy of their demo tape "Huss, air guitars & Vaseline: the motion picture soundtrack" which was growing on me like a fungus, especially the song "Mutton Love" which was about an S&M gimp named "Jimmy the sheep wanker" who was a fictional character that had become somewhat of a mascot for the band. 

The boys had a show coming up at Hot Rocks in Brampton, and I had been spending so much time with them I felt like I had became apart of their band of merry men. I approached the guys and asked them what they thought of the idea of me being the real life "Jimmy" for the show, and they all loved the idea. I put together a makeshift costume and even made a giant penis similar to the singer from GWAR, that attached to a belt so I could wear it. I used a pant leg, clothing for stuffing, masking tape for flesh, some wig hair for pubes, and decorated the details and veins with paint and markers, AND made a pair of giant testes to go with it of course.

When the night of the show arrived I unleashed my creation and everyone was in hysterics. Another friend of theirs named Chris, who had recently started hanging around with them, also joined in the theatrics and dressed in a chicken mask costume, which resulted in an on stage wrestling match between Jimmy and the chicken, while Demon Barf belted out the tunes. All in all it was fun and definitely added a little visual stimulation to the performance.

After that fiasco I was telling the boys about my middle school backyard wrestling fed BWF (Brampton Wrestling Federation) which sparked a resurgence of my old fed via Demon Barf. From that point forward there would be a wrestling match taking place at every DB show if we could manage to swing it. Rock n' Wrestling was back and better than ever... 


Some of my old Demon Barf doodles 

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