Monday, 21 April 2014

The Hurricane

The Beastie Boys concert was rapidly approaching. I can honestly say I hadn't been this excited for something since I was a kid waiting for Christmas morning to come. I had already purchased tickets to go and I was giddy as ever. The Beasties were getting quite a bit of press coverage via much music, newspapers, and magazines. It was such a good feeling to see their faces again and to read what they had to say. The new record had only been out for a month, and I was already noticing a lot of dick riders, which perturbed me greatly. I was over hearing people on the streets go on about how the Beasties were the best, how the new album is god, how they were such brilliant musical geniuses, and how they've always been such big fans, etc. Meanwhile these words were coming from the same people who dismissed them back in 1987. Now six years later people were popping off at the mouth like they had been B Boy fans the whole time running. It sickened me.

I had began scrapbooking a bit, so naturally I would take any article or blurb I could get my hands on that had anything to do with the triumphant return of my beloved Beasties. Down in Toronto, NOW magazine & Eye weekly were giving the Boys quite a bit of coverage since the album had dropped, so I made sure to grab a copy of each rag every week. Plus there was always great scrapbook material and things of actual interest to read about in the pages within. On this particular day I was flipping through the pages of Now or Eye, and I stumbled upon a revelation. I actually almost flipped the page past, as the add in question looked like a fashion advert or an ad for a night club. But two words caught my subconscious eyes and mind.... "DJ HURRICANE"

For those who might not know, DJ Hurricane was the only black member of the Beasties and he was their resident DJ for over a decade. It surprised me how many people would say "The Beastie Boys have a DJ? I thought they were just three white guys." Well correct they are, but somebody had to be laying the cuts down for them. It's common knowledge in the world of rap music that there is always a DJ behind the MC. Never the less, this ad that caught my eye stated that DJ Hurricane would be spinning records at the Go-Go, a large popular night club in the city. 

I found this so exciting and amazing, especially the fact that the concert was going to be the following day. This would definitely be two of the most incredible days of my life. I let the crew know about it, and we had a convoy ready to roll. One had to assume wherever Hurra was, the Boys would be with him, so we were almost certain we'd be meeting the Beasties there that night. It was only a few days away and I really couldn't control myself. I couldn't focus on anything or anyone. My attention definitely was divided. It was like being in some type of haze that week, until the magical night finally arrived...

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