Friday, 11 April 2014

The Combination Is Born

1992 was shaping up to be an interesting year. I had made a lot of new friends, both in Brampton and Toronto. Things were starting to pick up for the band and we were now starting to play more gigs. I had the privilege of seeing some great concerts including the return of the almighty Gwar, and my luck with the ladies...well....let's just say I'd come along way since high school, despite the fact that I was still single.

The biggest news of the year for me thus far was the release of the new Beasties album, and the fact they would be coming to perform in Toronto late spring. This was like a dream come true for me. By this point in my life the B-Boys had been my favourite band for 7 years running and I'd also been waiting seven years to see them in concert. I couldn't believe it was finally going to happen. My patience, loyalty and dedication was finally going to pay off.

While down in the city one day, Derek and I went to watch The Satanatras jam one evening. It was pretty mind blowing to witness such great musicianship up close and personal like that. I'll never forget after the jam when their drummer Ruston had to go number two. The rehearsal space didn't have an operational toilet, so he took a crap in a plastic shopping bag. His band mates told him to make sure he took it with him to dispose of, so it wasn't laying around their jam space. We stopped in an alley behind the rehearsal spot to smoke one quick, and Ruston started running amok swinging the bag of shit around like some medieval weapon. Everyone was laughing in hysterics while running for cover to avoid flying feces. These guys were a riot to hang out with! 

After we left the jam Derek informed me that him and his girlfriend Dawn were going out for a function of some type, so I was left to find my own way back home. I hopped on the closest subway and rode it to Yorkdale, then grabbed the GO bus to Brampton. I arrived at the Bramalea City Centre around 8pm. The mall didn't close for an hour and I was starving, so I decided to go grab some Mexican food up in the new food court. In the process of doing so I was approached by Paul. He was one of the guys from Demon Barf, who I hadn't seen since the Ice-T show when Sue introduced us all. Paul joined me for tacos, so we grabbed a seat to eat and chat.

Paul rocking the mullet in style!

It was kind of strange. I didn't really even know this guy but he was super friendly. We talked about music mostly, but we actually hit it off really well. Paul asked me what I was up to on this night and I told him I was heading home with no plans. He went onto tell me how he had to work, a bouncer gig at a new club called Tremors, ran by the same fellow who operated Backtracks. That club had been closed down after a doorman tried to wrestle a knife away from a drunk skinhead and inadvertently stabbed himself, causing him to die on the ambulance ride to the hospital. That knife wielder just so happened to be the boyfriend of my good gal pal Julie. It was a messed up scene to say the least that I'm not really going to get into.

So Paul asked me if I'd be interested in going to the club with him, and I eagerly agreed. We stopped by his parents house in the J section for awhile, then we were off to Tremors. The inside of the club had a great vibe. The music was a bit more on the industrial side, NIN, KMFDM, Ministry, etc. but the DJ also played some grunge and metal. Even the odd rap song like "Bring Tha Noize" was getting played. This club was pretty cool in my books.

After mingling and drinking for awhile, I made my way over to Paul, who was stationed at the back of the club. His job as a bouncer was to make sure nobody brought their drinks into the bathroom and to prevent people from going out the back door of the club. It was a pretty easy gig, plus he got to talk to the ladies whenever they went to relieve themselves. I didn't really know anyone at the club so I decided to stand with Paul for the rest of the night. Much to my surprise, every time someone went to use the bathroom Paul would take their drinks, then he'd hand them to me to take a few swigs since he didn't drink. After about an hour of this I was pretty buzzed. 

A little while later a few guys approached Paul and asked him if they could go out the back door to smoke a joint. Paul pondered the question for a few ticks, then replied "Sure!.....But you have to bring this guy with you" as he pointed his finger at me. Now I was in the parking lot blazing up with these complete strangers. I headed back into the club and took my position next to Paul. He continued to give me peoples drinks every time they used the bathroom, and by the end of the night I was three sheets to the wind. The best part was it didn't cost me a dime. Paul gave me a lift home and we exchanged numbers. He invited me to come to the club again the following weekend. After the hospitable treatment he had shown me I accepted graciously. I could definitely get used to this...

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