Monday, 10 March 2014

On With The Body Count...

1992 had definitely started out with a bang, and I had a feeling this year was going to be even more incredible than 1991 had been, and based on the course of my life it seemed like each year had got better, so naturally this HAD to be an epic year. February was already upon us, and the first big show of the year was days away. Ice T was coming to play the Concert Hall. One of my favourite rappers at one of my favourite venues, I was amped. If that wasn't cool enough, his thrash band Body Count would be opening the show. They had played a few songs at Lollapalooza the previous summer, and one of their songs was featured on the newest Ice T album "O.G.", but I was really curious to see these guys perform a full set.

When the show arrived I was there with Sue and Derek, I can't remember if Derek's girlfriend came with us but that's besides the point, and if I remember correctly Mike Chapman and Mike Myre were there as well. The opening act was a new up and coming band called "Hard Corps" they were also an all black group that played heavy rock/rap type music. They were all decked out in militant camoflauge and their energy was quite high. Nothing about the band was extremely amazing but they were definitely entertaining. The highlight of their performance was a rendition of AC/DC's "Back in Black" which was really cool, but now it was time for Body Count.... Or so I thought!

I assumed Ice T, being a big name rapper, would headline his own show, but instead Ice T performed first and would be followed by Body Count. I can remember thinking this was so odd, but now as a singer/vocalist looking back, it makes sense. If Ice performed with BC first, he would be blown out physically and he probably wouldn't be able to rap as smooth as he did with that golden voice of his. So here we were watching Ice T open for his own band, and he was killing it! He busted out all the big hits and his performance lasted roughly 60-90 minutes, which in my opinion was amazing for a rapper to perform that long. 

At some point towards the end of the set, the performance transmogrified into Body Count. The BC boys slipped on their instruments, Ice T let his hair out of its ponytail, and they commenced with the thrashing. I found it odd, seeing Ice in a metal shirt with cut off sleeves, his long hair flailing as he head banged... It was almost surreal. I was definitely in heaven. If you've half heartedly followed this story then you are aware of my love affair between rap and metal, and now here I was in the middle of the two as they became one. It was pretty magical seeing Ice work the crowd once again. He had an uncanny knack for demanding your attention and keeping it, as everyone was in his hand and hanging on his every word.

At one point between bands, my girlfriend Sue approached me with a few guys and said "I'd like you to meet a few of my friends" I turned and looked to discover it was those guys from Demon Barf again! Everywhere I went they seemed to be. Clearly we had the same tastes in music. Being your typical jealous, angry, controlling 19 year old angst ridden man, I naturally assumed any guy friend of a girl was merely just trying to get in bed with them, but as I talked with the DB boys for my first time, I quickly discovered such was not the case. The guys were very nice and respectful, and they put in effort to converse despite me having an attitude and being stand off-ish. As much as I didn't like these guys (for no reason) they had earned my respect in the past as a band, and now they had earned my respect as people. I left it at that, although in my mind I figured I'd probably never hang out with them or even talk to them again... Boy was I wrong!

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