Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Welcome To Grade 12

Another summer of debauchery had passed, most of which is a blank to me surprisingly, and it was September once again. I was truly excited for my final year of high school. Everything had come full circle and I was at the top of the ladder and the top of the food chain once again...the king shit of the school if you will, and I was looking boss in my new army green combat pants and Misfits t-shirt my mom had bought me for the first day of school. I was still growing my hair in the undercut style, and it had gotten quite long over the summer, it now touched my shirt collar.

It was strange coming back to this place and not seeing my gang of friends, most of whom were older than me. Majority of them had graduated, but thankfully a few of the more scholastically challenged ones still remained, so I wasn't completely alone. Not too mention Mike Myres was still present, which I couldn't figure out since he was already in grade 11 when I started high school ! Turns out he wasn't sure where he wanted to go career wise after gaduation, so Mike decided to accumulate practically every possible credit on the agenda. Smart guy I thought, at least he will have choices.

It seemed like Mike and I were really getting closer as friends now, since most of the boys were gone and we had the same lunch period. Plus our common love for the Beastie Boys just continued to bring us closer as Mike became a bigger fan of them with every passing minute. The same went for Mike Chapman, who was now attending Humber College for radio broadcasting. Chapman had also gotten himself a motorcycle which he used for his college commute. The three of us hung out quite often, and we were continuing to jam in Mike C's basement on occasion. 

Mike ended up meeting some pretty cool dudes in his college course, mainly two guys named Stewart & Owen. They were both very cool, laid back, friendly guys with a bit of flare and a zest for life. If I remember correctly, Stew was in the radio broadcasting course with Mike, and his friend Owen was majoring in film. Owen & Stew were trying to start their own audio/video production team, and now that they had met Mike, they knew someone in a band. A band that could use a music video. When I heard the news I just about shit 10 bricks! Epileptic Brain Surgeons were going to have a music video...

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