Friday, 5 June 2015

Dying Breed In Brampton

Shortly after our Halloween gig, John McCuish decided he didn't want to play drums in the band anymore, and we now had a total dilemma on our hands. We didn't want to revert back to the rap band we once were sans instruments, and for the life of us we couldn't find another drummer despite all of our friends who were musicians. The main problem was all of the drummers we knew were already drumming in other bands. We were left with no choice but to pull the plug and call it quits with 3 n' Pass. I was pretty bummed out about the whole situation, but I always try to make a positive out of a negative. At least now I'd finally have the time to get to the project my heart truly desired, my solo rap album.

I don't know exactly how long it had been, but it seemed like in the same week, or perhaps in the same month, I spoke to Pauly from Demon Barf to let him know that 3 n' Pass was no longer a band. I was very shocked when Paul retorted with "Neither is Demon Barf dude, we broke up!" I truly couldn't believe it. I really didn't see that one coming. They were all such tight friends, they had been dedicated to their band for years, and they were basically at the top of their game. I was flabbergasted.

I don't remember exactly why they broke up to be honest, but there was never any bad blood between them as far as I know. I personally think they had just grown as people, each now with their own different tastes and interests. Or perhaps they'd just got tired of the hustle and bustle of the thankless job that is being an Indy musician. They had been attached to each other for so long, I suppose it was time to grow up and explore the world as individuals. That is my theory on the entire situation at least. I could just ask them, but I'm deeply involved in this post and don't want to stop writing while the creative juices are flowing.

None the less, it was pretty mind blowing that three of the biggest bands in Brampton at the time, had all folded within the matter of a year. 3 n' Pass, Demon Barf, and the original incantation of Grasshopper. Was there something in the water? Something in the air perhaps? I guess we shall never really know. Call it fate if you will. As it stood now, there really wasn't much of a Brampton music scene anymore. 

Anyone who creates music, or any form of artistic creation, be it drawing, writing, needle point, etc. can relate to the fact that when something is such an integral part of you, you can never truly let it go or give it up. And that's exactly what happened next. I don't even think I'd gotten anymore work done on my solo project, when Pauly reached out and got in touch with me. His parents had gone away on vacation, and he had the house to himself. Paul proposed having an open jam session, where all were welcome, just so we could do something creative musically since none of us were doing anything now. The music bug had bitten so to speak.

I was totally on board with the idea, as were many of the other guys, including my former band mates Mike & Mike, along with Kev & Gregg from Demon Barf. On top of that Paul had a few other friends who wanted in on the action including Dave McCracken, Eric Powell, Justin Eckersall, and a few others whose names escape my mind at the moment. Regardless, it was safe to say this was going to be one hell of a jam session...

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