Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Lollapalooza pt.3

 So now here I was walking into the posh Skydome hotel lobby and seeking out the front desk. Looking back on this, I don't know how ridiculous I must of seemed asking the clerk for the room number of "Sean-E-Sean" Even though the clerk did his best to help me, and remained professional doing so, he came up with nothing.

I was totally deflated, as I dragged my feet through the lobby feeling like a lost child. I wandered about like a runaway dog searching for his master. As I was about to leave I noticed a flamboyant black man with a white girl on each arm. It was Ernie C, lead guitarist of Body Count. I quickly regained my composure and approached him like I was one of his friends, loudly shouting "Yo Ernie! What's Lloyd's room number again? I'm supposed to meet him!" Ernie looked at me for a second, then blurted out the room number, and casually continued along with his two groupies. 

I found the room and rapped on the door. Lloyd peeked through an open crack in the door briefly, then opened it to him welcoming me in like a friend or relative he hadn't seen in years. Moose offered me a beer, and we sat on opposing beds shooting the shit, which consisted mainly of me saying how amazing it was that there was a black metal band and how they stole the show they weren't even billed on. Moose was really cool and down to earth, perhaps as the celebrity life was new to him, but he was just like any other normal human. We got to the topic of our "trade" and it was time for business. 

Lloyd busted open a fat suitcase filled with an assortment of shirts and said "pick one" I ended up choosing a white shirt that simply said $YNDICATE, and on the back of the shirt was the Rhyme Syndicate logo. I gave Moose a 3 paper joint which he put beside a large bag of jelly beans. BC were heading back to Los Angeles, and all Moose wanted to do was blaze one before the plane ride, then enjoy his mile high jelly beans as he headed back home. As he was seeing me off he also gave me a photograph that someone had taken earlier in the day of them performing. I remember thinking it must have been some pro photography, as they had already developed the film from a mere few hours ago.

As I made my way out of the hotel, Derek was waiting for me in the van, and he could see my shit eating grin from hundreds of yards away. I was very happy, and at the time thought this was the greatest day of my life. Just when I thought my smile couldn't grow any larger, I looked on the backside of the photo to see Lloyd had written me a little message...

"Yo Theo, you my nigga, fuck tha police! Moose Man"

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