Monday, 27 January 2014

Lollapalooza pt.2

From the opening bizarre video sequences being displayed on the giant screen tv and the billowing clouds of dry ice from the smoke machines in the air, the crowd was already buzzing and getting rowdy....and Jane's Addiction hadn't even stepped on stage yet. When the intro finally culminated into the first song kicking in, the crowd went absolutely berserk. 

Entire rows of chairs were being hurdled into the air left right and centre, as the crowd finally decided it was time to make a "dance floor" it was unreal seeing dozens of rows of chairs flying high simultaneously above the growing mosh pit. The chairs that remained grounded by zip ties were quickly separated by the fans, using lighters, pocket knifes, and sheer adrenaline. There was no more assigned seating to say the least, rows and aisles and seat numbers were now non existent, the way it should be on the floor at a concert.

The clouds of marijuana smoke quickly overtook the H20 and there was nothing security could do about it. I found it hilarious watching all the meat head rent a cops running around like freshly decapitated chickens. The looks of panic, fear, confusion, and utter bewilderment on their faces were priceless in my eyes. I stood up on a lone chair that was dead centre to the stage, just safely behind the mosh pit. I pulled out an oversized three paper and sparked it up. It was intended to be for myself, Derek, and his girlfriend, but we had gotten split up during the opening of Jane's. I felt bad, but I had been waiting all day for an open window, and now that the opportunity had presented itself, I was climbing through that sucker like the night stalker himself!

Jane's put on an incredible performance, and the day had finally come to a close. As everyone filed out of the CNE grandstand to head home, I headed on a completely different mission of my own. Earlier in the day while Rollins Band was performing, I noticed the bass player from Ice T's thrash band Body Count standing off to the side of the seats spectating. Still disappointed over my "celebrity encounter" with Rollins, I decided to take another stab at talking to a "Rockstar" Surprisingly this guy was super nice! His name was Lloyd but his alias was "Moose man" I asked him why all the other bands had merchandise for sale except Body Count, and he couldn't really give me an answer despite the fact every member of the band had a different BC, Ice T, or $yndicate shirt on. 

We chatted for a bit and stumbled on the topic of weed, which Lloyd had none of. I eagerly offered to trade him some for one of those sweet shirts that he coincidentally had a suitcase full of at his hotel room in the Skydome. Moose agreed and told me to come to the hotel after the gig, he was staying in a room with Syndicate member Sean-E-Sean, who had the room in his name....

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