Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Easy Riders

I'm taking a moment today to pause from the story at hand, as to pay some respects to some fallen heroes, comrades, and brothers. When I first started writing this blog, it was very exhilarating to me, to unlock fond and forgotten memories and share them with like minded people who can relate to them. The most rewarding part of this entire venture has been the feedback from my readers, more specifically the ones who were apart of these memories and/or the ones who can relate to these memories, wether they grew up in the same time era or they were on a similar path as mine in the journey of life. In the last year now the number of readers has doubled from 10,000 to 20,000 which is humbling and overwhelming to me. People from all four corners of the globe have become apart of my life, and I thank each and every one of you personally for finding interest in my tales.

There has however been one negative aspect during this process that now seems to be an ongoing and unintentional trend, and that is death. Back in the first few months of this blogs inception, I was focused on the music I was discovering that I felt defined me as the person I have became today. Right around the time I was getting to whom I felt to be the most important band in the history of my life, The Beastie Boys, one of their members Adam "MCA" Yauch, passed away. This left me no choice but to pay homage to them and introduce them into the story a little bit prior to the corresponding time line, which I gladly did with great honour and pride.

A few months ago I had briefly mentioned that I had the privilege of seeing GWAR perform in Toronto for the second consecutive year in a row. That same week I posted a picture on Instagram for throwback Thursday of myself, my son who was seven months old at the time, and Oderus Urungus, lead singer of GWAR. The next morning I came to learn that Oderus, real name Dave Brockie, had passed away. I felt extreme guilt over this, almost as if my posting that picture had foreshadowed his untimely death.

And now for the trifecta. Last week I posted an entry entitled "Take One" which told the story of Grasshopper going into the recording studio for the first time with producers Pete Hudson and Marc "Dummy" Demers in control at the helm. 24 hours later I received the news that Marc had passed away due to a massive aneurism while doing the one thing he loved the most...riding his Harley Davidson. Once again I was left feeling like my writings had cursed someone. In the previous weeks Marc had expressed his excitement over the warm weather finally being here and the fact he could ride his bike again, and then within the blink of an eye he was taken from this life much too early. 

Although we weren't what one would consider close friends, I still felt connected to him as he was an important and integral part of my life. I feel the same way about all the people who have entered my life wether I haven't seen them for 20 minutes, 20 hours, 20 days, 20 weeks, 20 months or 20 years. I'd personally like to give my condolences to Marc's family, friends and loved ones. You will truly be missed by many. One can only hope you are riding your hog freely in the heavens...

In closing, I'm starting to feel reluctant to write about people, which would ultimately hinder this story and bring it to a premature end. An end which I'm sure most people, myself included, would not want. Although one would chalk these up as mere coincidences, I still can't help but feel like I'm connected to these deaths or responsible for them in one form or another. That may sound ridiculous or unbelievable to you, but it is what it is, and I'm simply expressing my feelings. Death can be an ugly thing that we don't want to think about or face, but as we get older we know it is inevitable, and ultimately the fate that we all face when our time comes. While we are here let us celebrate life, let us rejoice life, and let us carry on the memories, lives, and legends of our loved ones we have lost...

SIDENOTE: I wanted to thank Marc's sister for the helpful and heartfelt information. There will be a ride to celebrate Marc in the near future. I will share the details. I also overlooked mentioning Jeff Hanneman from Slayer as well. Another musical giant we've lost, and coincidentally another important band I was writing about near the time of his death...

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